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Published by adminJul 13,2018

Bicycle Commuter

Nowadays, more and more commuter ride bicycle to their office, because their consciousness of environment and exercise grows higher. But with the great pressure of office, most commuters will work overtime, and when they start to ride the bicycle to home, there is always in night. Do not need worry, there is a glad tidings, Bicycle light, which drives the darkness and light your life. There are several points you need notice when you commute by bicycle. 1. Find a better equipment You need have a better bike, bicycle light, garment. If you’re commuting to work every day, then you need a bike you can ride through all weathers, and depend upon to be road worthy with minimal maintenance.And if you work overtime sometime, you also need the bike light to help you light the way. In the last, wearing a comfortable garment is also important, do not wear a skirt to ride the bicycle. You should have the sport-wear. 2. Find a park place and Lock it up safe The sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that comes with realising that your bike is not where you left it at the end of the day is not one we’d wish upon anybody. No bike lock is infallible, but having a quality version is a start. Use one lock on the frame, and make sure you use a cable lock for your wheels, if they’re attached by quick release skewers. Where you leave your bike is important too: if your work has secure bike locking, that’s ideal. If not, aim for somewhere with CCTV nearby. 3. Ride with safe Be careful when you ride the bicycle, and pay close attention to the vehicles behind you. Especially in the frog and raining day, you need  have a red rear light and white front light to help you vision. Check your bicycle light is charged in advance – before going to bed and at lunch time in advance of the journey home – and carry a cheap set of back-ups just in case one should fail on your journey. Despite all the punctures, near-death experiences with vehicles, rain, wind, pollution, lugging kit around with you, the hot water running out in the showers at work, and struggling to get yourself out of bed that bit earlier, cycling in still wins hands down over a packed train commute. It keeps you fit, saves you money, saves the environment and avoids the early-morning stress of competing with your fellow travelers for a tiny portion of space on a hideously over-packed carriage. It also improves your mood (when you don’t get a puncture) and helps you sleep better.  

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Published by adminJul 10,2018

Lumens, Candela, Lux of mountain bike lights, what does it all mean?

Nowadays, mountain biking is becoming more and more popular. However, there are some professional nouns of mountain bike lights may make you confused, such as Candela and Lux and so on. I will give an explanation as below. Before we can start an in-depth discussion about beam patterns and biking or specifically mountain biking, we first have to better understand a few terms and how they relate. This is where a lot of discussions about lighting get muddled. Where people come to the conclusion that more lumens are better, which is true, to a point. Let’s define in layman terms what the various terms are. Lumens: Essentially the “potential energy” that a light source has. We must think of light as a source of energy, just like the energy in a battery. The more lumens a source has, the more potential energy it has to put light where we want it, and either to see further, or wider, or just waste that energy elsewhere.   Candela: This is the intensity of light in a certain direction. This is very hard to measure from a real-world standpoint without very expensive goniophotometer, however, it is what lighting and optical designers use when designing a beam pattern so you will often hear it being used or see it in lighting standards such as FMVSS 108 for automobiles, or StVZO for bike lighting in Europe.  It is also critical in optical design equations and calculations.   Lux:  This is the measure of how many lumens are spread over a certain area at a certain distance. This is easily measured with inexpensive handheld lux meters, this is the amount of light hitting a calibrated sphere and this number is VERY dependent on distance. Why? Because the equation for finding lux is: Lux = candela/ (distance (m)^2)   So one can see that for every meter we move away from the source, lux is cut in half. It’s a logarithmic equation. Lux meters are cheap ways for us to figure out the lighting power of a lamp, as well as backtrack the numbers to determine the beam pattern effectiveness, beam width, and where energy is spread around in a beam pattern. You will often find legitimate companies rating their lux at 10 meters, this is a fair industry accepted the standard for both automobile and bikes even this is also considered for the mountain bike lights.   After reading this article, have you understood it well?

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Published by adminJul 07,2018

The best tail light

Although a headlight is a great way to illuminate your path, a tail light helps alert approaching vehicles and cyclists in your blind spot. Many bike headlights come with cheap tail lights as deal sweeteners, but, sadly, these are often non-rechargeable options which produce a low number of lumens. The SANGUAN SG-BN02 120T taillight doesn’t fall into the latter category, however. The light uses30 micro-LEDs to deliver an impressive 120 lumens of red light. The device also features six lighting modes, including a flash and strobe to keep you out of harm’s way. For convenient mounting and stowing, this model quickly clips onto a frame, seat post, or even your helmet. The water-resistant exterior touts an IPX-5 rating, too, meaning it’s capable of handling the inevitable splash. Some individuals may be more than satisfied with the basic, low-lumen taillights oftenpackaged with bike headlights. That said, if you’re looking for a more powerful unit, the SG-BN02 is one of the best.

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Published by adminJun 13,2018

Mountain bicycle light reflected in all-people movement!

As people’s lives becoming colorful, many outdoor activities are also increasing. Riding is one of the most important items. Due to cycling needs, the demand for bicycle light is also increasing. Using bicycle light when riding, it will provide a relatively safe situation.   China Bicycle Sports Association News: The 2018 Asian Mountain Biking Championship ended in the Philippines. The Chinese cycling team performed well and won four golds and three silvers. The men’s U23 team won the gold and silver medals; the women’s elite team won gold and silver medals. China’s youth men’s and women’s groups also received a gold and a silver medal. In the competition for team relay events conducted on Sunday, the Chinese team, with a strong overall strength, successfully won the gold medal . With Chinese team’s achievements, Chen Baosheng said the athletes are basically working properly and have been tempered. “The hot weather in the Philippines has reached the goal of training soldiers for the Asian Games in Indonesia.” He also said that the team will continue to be ready for the Asian Games, and look forward to creating good results. Riding can not only exercise, sometimes accompanied by a sense of honor, we should pay attention to this . When we riding, we should also pay attention to safety, such as when riding at night, we should use bike front light for lighting, and bike rear light for warning. It not only useful for ourselves but also give a safety for others.

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Published by adminJun 12,2018

The 5th China(Beijing) International High-end Bicycle & Riding Equipment Exhibition

In order to have a good communication with people who like bicycle sport all around the world, Beijing decides to hold an International High-end Bicycle & Riding Equipment Exhibition between 7th and 9th in July in China International Exhibition Center(CIEC). International High-end Bicycle & Riding Equipment Exhibition has hold for consecutive two sessions, which is the most potential bicycle exhibition in China. Daxing, Lightning, Eurasian Horse, xiaomi, Sidney, 700Bike, Cannondale, UCC, Plum, Cooper, Hummer, Clouded Leopard, Phoenix, Flying Pigeon, Solomon, Pinariro, E- GO BIKE, COHESION and other well-known domestic and international brands have appeared at the exhibition.   Except for those well-known brands, there are many bike accessories company, you can buy any bike accessories in the exhibition, like cycle equipment, bicycle tyre, bicycle seat, bicycle light  and so on, all of those have a good quality. Welcome to China, welcome to the International High-end Bicycle & Riding Equipment Exhibition, then you will find some thing satisfy you.    Why is There So Many Bicycle Tourers in Globe   Now, you can see a lots of bicycle tourers at your daily life, why? Why there appear such many bicycle tourers There is the following reasons: 1. Strength body and will power Bicycle tour will not only keep your fit but also strength your will power, toady, most of us work in the office and do not have time to exercise, Bicycle tour is a good way to exercise, meanwhile, a long Bicycle road need more will power to hold on and keeping up. 2. relax yourself What you need worry is riding, camping and eating, Sounds pretty simple right? You only have to worry about where you will be cruising off to tomorrow. It is quite liberating not worrying about much else besides riding and having fun. You only have to focus on the present and having fun in the moment. 3. A good faith in humanity This sounds a little funny, but you will meet so many amazing people and be blown away by their kindness. You will inevitably find yourself in some sort of pickle and need help. Then, out of now where, all sorts of wonderful people will come to your rescue. You will be invited into homes for dinner, have meals paid for at diners, and have people stop on the side of the road just to talk with you a bit. 4. Close to the nature Have you been long to far away from nature? Living in tremendous city reduce the chance to close really nature, and having a bicycle tour is a great idea to meet nature. So integrating into and enjoying nature will sublime your spirit.   Listen, bicycle tour need to pay attention to safety, especially in night, you need wear bike helmet and bike helmet light, also, you need rear light to alarm, which will protect you and make you have a clear vision.

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Published by adminJun 06,2018

The most suitable bike light for road riding

Modern bicycle lights can be divided into two categories – commute bike light and mountain bike light. These two types of bike lights are very different in luminous flux, running time, weight and cost.   However, commute bike light is divided into two categories. One is to provide enough lighting so that you can see the road, and the other is to simply ensure that you can be seen by other people.   In this purchase guide, we have chosen a headlight that has a brighter light, so that you can clearly see the no light riding trails or country lanes in front, and the design of the taillights is mainly designed to make you can be seen by others on the road. For the rear lights, battery life, weight, and side visibility are more important than irradiating light, and prices are lower. The best bike light set includes bike front light and bike rear light.     The biggest feature is USB rechargeable, and its luminous flux is 500lumens, brighter enough for road riding. Meanwhile, the waterproof level is very well, can be used in rainy day. What’s more, it has temperature control design function, when the temperature of the body gets high, it will switch to lower modes automatically. So it will be safer when use it.  

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