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Published by adminAug 07,2018

Woman Divorces Husband Over His Bicycle Obsession

Nowadays, divorce rate is getting higher and higher. Surprisingly, some women divorce husband over his bicycle obsession.Look, marriage can be hard. You might have shared passions that bring you and your partner together—take if from the couple that found love through Strava. But you also need to strike a delicate balance between your own personal interests and the emotional needs of your spouse. Otherwise you might end up like Burak Z., a Turkish man whose wife recently filed for divorce over his alleged obsession with his bicycle.The Daily Sabah reports that an Istanbul woman, identified only as Yağmur Z., is asking for 400,000 Turkish lira (about $106,000) from Burak in court. In her lawsuit, she alleges that her husband’s singular devotion to his bicycle has damaged her mental health and left her marriage in shambles.   RELATED: The Coolest Couples in Cycling “This is not an ordinary attachment, he is literally in love with the bike,” she said in her claim.Instead of paying attention to her, Yağmur argued, Burak instead passes the days working on his ride. He apparently sets it up in the living room, cleaning and fixing it on a daily basis.“My husband always spends time with his bicycle. He has a different kind of a bond with it,” Yağmur said.   RELATED: How These Couples Solved the Cycling Speed Gap I’m sure our readers can relate to the guy’s enthusiasm. After shelling out for a sweet ride, who wouldn’t want to spend some time keeping it in tip-top condition? And doing bicycle maintenance in the living room doesn’t sound so extreme.But relationships take hard work and care, and you can’t just fix them the way you patch a tube.In a word, we need to spend more time with our family rather than indulge in what we like. If you like cycling, you can take bicycle trips with your family, enjoy the beauty alone the way.

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Published by adminAug 03,2018

Flashlights are not the professional bicycle lights, take care!

One of the most important equipment for night-time cycling is the bicycle lights.The bicycle lamp has been discovered and developed into a professional bicycle light in recent years when the bicycle has become a kind of leisurely tool. For cycling lighting, contrasting brightness with flashlights and professional headlights is not only ignorance, but also fearlessness (disregard for the safety of yourself and others).Before the introduction of professional bicycle lights, many people liked to use a flashlight as a lighting tool, and some merchants produced a device specifically designed to fasten a flashlight to a bicycle. Still, many people use the device to fix a flashlight as a tool for night lighting.   But the glare flashlight is a flashlight, originally designed for hiking lighting, household emergency lighting, and spare hand lights in cars. Flashlight bright area is very bright, but the area is very small, the surrounding dark place is very dark; not only can not see the object’s reflection, the strong contrast of light and dark is easy to cause dazzling and lead to dangerous occurrence.Imagine meeting cars on narrow roads and glaring glare into the eyes of car drivers, causing them to be unable to judge your position correctly. Are the consequences unthinkable?   Most of the high-light flashlights use a 18650 battery. According to its lighting purposes, the anti-seismic performance is not high. The device for fixing the battery is a spring. A problem with the spring fixation is that it may have poor contact with the battery when the vibration is very heavy. Cause the jump gear (already some riders have encountered a sudden extinguishment of the flashlight jump gear while on the bumpy road.The above features indicate that strong flashlight is not the best choice for night-time biking lighting. The requirement for lighting by night riding is that the lighting should be good, the light spots should be large, the light should not be illuminated very far, a large area should be illuminated in the near light, and there should be obvious cut-off lines, there should be no interference with the incoming cars, and the requirement for the equipment is that the seismic performance should be high. Because cycling may encounter rough and bumpy conditions, if the seismic performance is not good, suddenly jump gear, it is easy to create danger. And it is possible to use in heavy rain environment, so also have certain waterproof performance. See here do you have a deep understanding of the professional bicycle lights? Isn’t it a little scary to recall riding on the road with a flashlight?For the safety of others, more their own safety, night ride must use professional bicycle lights.

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Published by adminAug 01,2018

Bicycle lights for off-road riding

Riding a bike off-road, at night, offers a whole new dimension to your experience! Those familiar trails will feel like adrenaline-inspiring new routes, as they look a whole lot different under the cover of darkness. You’re going to want a good front bicycle light for your night time off-road riding though; because otherwise those rabbit holes and overhanging branches will be like land-mines and trip-snares in the dark. So what kind of bicycle light do you need for off-road bike rides? Well, the first thing we’ll say, is don’t use your commuting lights! They might seem really bright, even on unlit paths, but out in the wild you need some serious illumination! As a bare minimum, you want a powerful bar mounted front light, ideally with an output upwards of 1000 lumens. These off-road specific bicycle lights will have a wider beam pattern too, so they can illuminate the whole of the trail in front of you. High powered off-road lights feature the ability to “toggle” down the light level; so you can light up the world on those technical descents, but reign back the power, and conserve battery life, on those long uphill drags. The SG-T2200 bicycle light is one of the most powerful, and most popular off-road specific front bicycle lights. A heads-up on the benefits of helmet lights for off-road riding In addition to a bar mounted light, a helmet mounted light with a narrower beam will help you to see round corners, and spot any additional hazards that might be lost in the shadow of your main light. The SG-B1000 is the standard to which all helmet lights are compared, and offers outstanding performance.

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Published by adminJul 26,2018

Bike lights to help see and be seen

Not everyone needs a big, rugged and expensive set of bike lights. For a more streamlined and affordable alternative,Nitemate bike light recommends this combo set from Topeak, which will blend into the lines of your bike and still get the job done. The bike lights are USB-rechargeable and easy to remove when you have to, with the front light offering a decent 110 lumens of brightness and the rear an adequate 55. Nitemate engineers and designs premium quality accessories bike light that meet the same high standards as high-end bicycle components. A cycling accessories industry leader with award winning products worldwide in multiple categories such as bike light, Digital GPS computers, Digital and mechanical pumps, tools and luggag. If you’re regularly commuting on your bike at night there’s no getting around the need for bike lights—a headlight and a taillight.But like most bike accessories, not all bike lights are created equal. Here are some options for a range of different cyclists—you can see our website for some more general advice on choosing the right type of bike lights or your needs.

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Published by adminJul 25,2018

How to install the safety bike light

Cycling is becoming more and more popular among people. Of course, it is quite common to use bicycles as a means of transportation at a short distance. However, as more and more vehicles are used, the safety problems of riding a bicycle are getting more and more serious. How to prevent the safety of bicycles is very important. So installing a security warning bike light is a very good idea. Here I will tell you my installation experience. 1. The front bike light share indispensable, which is the safety of driving at night. Install a mount on the front of the bike, then insert the charge light LED light into the mount. Because it is a rechargeable type, it does not need to replace the battery, and the LED consumes less power, can be illuminated for a long time, which is very convenient. 2. This is the tail light. This light is installed under the rear frame of the bike and has a variety of lighting methods to alert the rear vehicle. Lights with manual switch, lighting conditions can be closed under good conditions. 3. This is the side light of the frame, with manual switch, a variety of light-emitting methods, and warning lights on the left or the right side. 4. This is a front-strip bar light, manual switch, a variety of light-emitting methods, and light warnings issued around. And as the side of the bike turns, a circular light flashes.

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Published by adminJul 24,2018

The 123rd Canton Fair – China Bicycle accessories own great Marketable in Uruguay

Bill, the owner of Greenbike, Uruguay’s largest bicycle brand, came to the Canton Fair for the first time. His main goal this time was to purchase electric bicycles and ordinary bicycle accessories such as bicycle lights, tires, and bells… Bill said that China is the only source of its bicycles, and the brand’s bikes are mainly sold to Uruguay. Greenbike has five physical stores in Uruguay, 80% of which are sold through the Internet, mainly through its brand website and South American’s largest e-commerce platform, Mercadolibre, and its network sales are increasing each year. In recent years, he has replaced the older electric bicycle batteries with lithium batteries that have longer cycle life. He said his brand’s bike has two biggest advantages: First, the price is cheap, second, after-sales service is better. Most of the customers are Uruguayan office workers, because Uruguay’s bus tickets are getting more and more expensive, more and more office workers have chosen to ride a bicycle to work. He also said that China’s bikes are cheaper and they have a lot of style can be chosen, so they have always been very popular among Uruguayan customers. As the Uruguayan government established a strategic partnership with China in 2016, if the trade war between China and the United States continues, the Uruguayan government will cancel the tariffs on sellers of goods purchased from China. In other words, it is very likely that all the products that Bill will purchase from China will not need to pay customs duties to the Uruguayan government. Bill said that he will strengthen cooperation with China in the future, from bicycles and bicycle accessories to other fields.

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Published by adminJul 23,2018

Twice as many lumens of mountain bike light mean I’ll see twice as far, right? well…. no.

As we all known, when we riding in the forest, we all need mountain bike light. Because it’s bright enough for us to see obstacles. We always think “twice as many lumens of means I’ll see twice as far”. It’s a pretty logical thought right? A mountain bike light that is 2000 lumens will be twice as bright as it’s 1000 lumen mountain bike light brother, so I’ll be able to see twice as far. Seems fair. However once we look into the reality of the situation, come to realize that it isn’t true. In fact in order to see “twice as far” you’ll need a light that is FOUR times brighter, or a 4000 lumen mountain bike light using the same optics. Why is that? Pretty simple really. Math.   If you haven’t already, I suggest that you read our earlier blog post on lumens, lux, and candella HERE to get up to speed with the terminology. It is a fairly commonly held perception that 3 to 5 lux is amount of mountain bike light that the average person needs on an object in order to quickly and reliably spot it on either a trail or a roadway. This is a figure that is independent of distance. This covers everything from tree branches, to the trail, to road markings, other pedestrians, or parked cars even, simply just how much light is needed on a target. So with that number in mind we can start to think about situations where we need that much light in order to light up something enough to recognize it quickly. Lets say you are riding with a 1000 lumen light (actual lumens!) and there was a big rock on the trail 50 meters in front of you, this means we need a light that can light up that rock with 3 lux of illumination at 50 meters. We can use some math to figure out how much candella, or light intensity is needed from our light:   Iv(cd) = Ev(lx) × (d(m))2 Iv(cd) = 3(lx) × (50(m))2 Iv(cd) = 7,500 cd Now, we can think of candella and lumens as linearly related, i.e. lumens is like a volume knob for candella. Twice as many lumens will increase the candella of that point twice as much. Easy right? So now lets say you were riding with a 2000 lumen light, so your candella is now 15,000 cd, logic would dictate that you should be able to see that rock from 100 meters away now right? Well let’s look at the numbers: Iv(cd) = Ev(lx) × (d(m))2 15,000(cd) = 3(lx) × (d(m))2 15,000(cd) / 3(lx) = (d(m))2 √(15,000(cd) / 3(lx)) = d(m) d = 70.7 m So instead of being able to see that rock from 100 meters out, you only gained a 41% improvement in actual spotting distance despite a 200% increase in the number of lumens in your light. This is part of why big lumen numbers are not key. What is more important is the quality of the beam pattern and how those candella intensities are spread out within your field of vision. These are not easy to report numbers, and have to rely more on wall shots and user reviews in order to figure out what is a quality beam pattern. If you see an ad for a light that doesn’t show exactly what kind of beam pattern you are getting, run away, p...

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Published by adminJul 21,2018

Why bicycle lights are important…even in daylight

Washington law states: “Every bicycle when in use during the hours of darkness…shall be equipped with a lamp on the front which shall emit a white light visible from a distance of at least five hundred feet to the front…” The law defines darkness as “a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise.” Because the statute states “every bicycle shall be equipped with a lamp” a helmet-mounted light alone would not comply with the strict interpretation of the statute. Furthermore, a red flashing tail light alone may not strictly comply with the statute either. Based on the wording, it appears that the primary purpose of requiring bicycle lights is so that motor vehicles can see you, not necessarily so that you can see. Although the law only requires that bicycle lights be used during the defined hours of darkness, “being seen” is just as important during the day as it is at night. Awareness is the key. Besides encouraging everyone we know to commute by bike, what can cyclists do to immediately raise awareness? The answer: Buy a strobe and use it as a daytime running light. I have had a small LED strobe on my bike for about a year, but until most recently, I only used it at night. Motorcycles are required in many states to have their headlamp on during daylight hours and most new cars have headlights that automatically come on when the car is running. The logic is simple. While daytime use of such lights does not help a cyclist or motorcyclist see any better, it dramatically increases the cyclist’s visibility to others. Over the past few years, the market has been flooded with an abundance of small, lightweight and inexpensive LED flashers/strobes. The lights are simple to use and clip onto your handlebars or helmet in seconds. Using one of these inexpensive LED strobes during the day is the simplest and maybe the most effective thing you can do to increase your visibility during the daylight areas. Ride safely!

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Published by adminJul 20,2018

Silicone LED light

Our silicone LED light have some advantages surpass other lights, as below. 1)Silicone LED light, can attach them to your bicycle, your bag, your dog’s collar, a pram or even your shoe laces. 2)The super bright LED light has two settings, either a constant beam or a flashing light. And because they glow in the dark it’s always quick and easy to find them. 3)With their special silicone construction and clip system, Grip Lites can be attached and removed in seconds so you can get on your way quickly. 4)Make sure you stay safe and get noticed. Grip Lites are visible from over 400

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Published by adminJul 18,2018

The five benefits of women Riding

More and more ladies are joined in cycling. Why so many women join the this industry? What advantages of riding to women? I think there are fine points as below: 1. True Cycling woman is very real, ware helmet, mirror, scarf ect, never need make-up when they ride bike. Now many of the beauties women have been processed, from the skin cut, the high nose to the breast waist, and so on. Cycling women is original. 2. No worry Cycling woman is stronger in spirit and perseverance than a woman in the ordinary. Ride bike, especially a long distance, usually need to carry a heavy knapsack. You don’t need to worry about them. They won’t spoiled in front of you. a small wound that can be overcome by themselves, and won’t become a burden to others.   3. Preserve value Riding sports requirement physical quality better than common person. every ten years, women physical condition are different, the body rapidly decline, including appearance and physical fitness. However, cycling women could keep good appearance, even they are forty old, it look like  thirty years old,cause they do more exercise than others. 4. Save money Generally women love to go shopping, buying fashion and luxury goods, watching movies, drinking coffee. But cycling woman wear outdoor sports clothes for many years, their hair is very easy to treat, generally is horse tail. Every time they come back from outside, they always feels owning to the family, then they cooking instead of go out shopping.So that save money for their family. 5. freedom Cycling women take more free space to their husband when they go out for outdoor activities.  So that their husband can call friends at any time, drink and play cards. It is good for both of them.

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Published by adminJul 17,2018

What is of a bicycle light and what’s the purpose of it?

Bicycle light is illumination attached to bicycles whose purpose above all is, along with reflectors, to improve the visibility of the bicycle and its rider to other road users under circumstances of poor ambient illumination. A secondary purpose is to illuminate reflective materials such as cat’s eyes and traffic signs. A third purpose may be to illuminate the roadway so that the rider can see the way ahead. Serving the latter purposes require much more luminous flux and thus more power. Many jurisdictions require one or more bicycle lights to be fitted to bicycles ridden at night — generally a white light in the front and a red light at the back.

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Published by adminJul 16,2018

SANGUAN new product SG-BU50 night cycling bicycle light

SG-BU50 night cycling bicycle light that aluminum lamp body ensures light weight, and the hollow design on both sides of the lamp post ensures heat dissipation. The XM T6 beads can reach a maximum exposure distance of 260 meters The lamp comes in four modes: bright, medium, low and fast. To meet all kinds of luminance and safety requirements, low brightness mode can bring you more lasting lighting. The other three beautiful colors are available, rose, sapphire blue and yellow gold. There is always one color for you. SG-BU50 night cycling bicycle light is your best choice for cycling. SG-BU50 night cycling bicycle light is all-aluminum high brightness dual lamp USB external power supply charging headlamp.The whole body is made of aluminum alloy, two American cornucopia T6 lamp beads, 850 ultra-high lumens, 300 meters of exposure range, to ensure the safety of your outdoor night cycling. A total of six grooves on both sides of the heat dissipation design to ensure the high-lumen output, will not overheat. The circular switch design of the tail supports 4 – shift mode, highlighting – medium – low – light -SOS to meet the unknown road conditions of outdoor cycling at night. The product supports USB recharging and 10,000 milliampere built-in battery, which enables 850 lumens to run for 5 hours with ease. Bolt 850 is not only highlighted, but also makes it easy for you to deal with outdoor cycling at night, so as to ensure your outdoor cycling safety at night.  

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