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Published by adminNov 08,2018

Bicycle taillights need to be on even during the day

Is it necessary to open the taillights during the day? Don’t draw conclusion immediately. Just finish this comparison of two pictures below: So, do you really see the cyclists in the first picture? You might think this is an example, but in 2010, Harvard psychology researcher Dan and Chris did an experiment: In the video below, how many times did the people wearing white clothes pass the ball?   However, the really striking part of this experiment was that of the 192 experimental participants, 100 noticed the presence of a gorilla, 30 noticed that a person wearing a black dress left, and only five noticed that the background changed from red to yellow. Have you noticed? This experiment shows that people will selectively ignore what is happening in front of them. Even if the sky is clear, the driver of the car will be smothered by large objects such as landscapes and other cars, and will ignore the occupants who are weak. Look at a close-up comparison, whether to turn on the warning lights, determines your life safety. So, do you already have such an important warning light?

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Published by adminNov 02,2018

The headlights are shining on your health

With the headlights on, cycling through the night has become the sport of more and more people. Since night cycling can be beneficial to our physical and mental health, so what are the advantages of cycling with front lights? Please see below: Firstly, When we come home from a busy day at work, if we choose to stay at home at this time, it will make us more tired, so when we put on the headlights, riding at night, it will make us very relaxed and happy. This is a good way to release the pressure of work, which plays a very important role in our health.  Secondly, cycling at the night with a lighting headlights, we can avoid the tailpipe downtown. Even a breath is a breath of time. Once you get a taste of the natural air of the countryside, you can’t stop. The fresh breath will make you feel like you are in the prairie. The thirdly benefit is eating three meals a day. Carrying on a customized headlights and riding at night is between three meals and sleep, consuming just three meals a day, with no excess sugar and fat stored during the night, except for one major modern urban disease. The fourthly good place is when headlights lighting the night cycling friend who can make friends to the same spiritual realm.There are also many benefits of night riding. There are conditions for not riding overnight, such as rain, headlights and some protective equipment, etc. It is especially important to select good routes and double safety.

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Published by adminNov 01,2018

Bicycle hot wheels

Bicycle hot wheels, generally referred to as bicycle lights mounted on the bicycle shaft and spokes, because of the formation of gorgeous patterns, texts, animations, pictures and other effects during the riding process, similar to the hot wheels, so it is called For the bicycle hot wheels. classification Bicycle hot wheels According to the display effect, there are five types. 1. The first type is a gas nozzle lamp, which is directly screwed on the tire nozzle, and the length is 5-10 cm. 2. The second type is a 16LED single light bar, which is directly attached to the bike spokes. It can display various patterns during the riding process. The disadvantage is that the riding speed of 30km/h or more is required to see the pattern. 3. The third type is a double-sided display of 36 lights and 32 double-light strips. The figure is about 10-15km/h, and the normal speed of ordinary people can be used. 4. The fourth type is the 48-light 48-picture DIY programming hot wheels. Users can write their own names, or draw favorite comics, graffiti, etc., 10-15km/h. 5. The fifth type is the 128-light colorful hot wheels, which can display cartoon patterns and texts, support their own DIY programming, and cost-effective. 6. The sixth type is the full-color version of the hot wheels, which is the best bicycle hot wheels on the market, 5-10km/h. Of course, the price is not cheap. In addition, bicycle hot wheels are also divided into programmable DIY version and fixed pattern. 1, programmable DIY version, users can download their favorite pictures or text to the hot wheels, so that the wheels are more personalized. 2, fixed pattern version, the pattern inside the hot wheels is fixed, cyclically displayed according to certain rules, the user can not be changed.

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Published by adminOct 25,2018

2018 Hainan Island International Road Cycling Tournament

On the 23rd October, the 2018 Hainan Island International Road Cycling Race kicked off in Hainan. The first stage is the winding circle of Zhangzhou, with a total length of 90 kilometers. The cyclist is ready to leave at the beginning of the stage. On the same day, the 2018 Hainan Island International Road Cycling Race kicked off in Hainan. The first stage is the winding circle of Zhangzhou, with a total length of 90 kilometers. After cycling race, Italian Williams cyclist Maresko (centre) celebrated on the podium. In the end, Italy’s Williams team cyclist Maresco won the stage championship, the first individual score and the sprint total points champion.  

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Published by adminOct 24,2018

Ten taboos for cycling safety (3)

Do you know some taboos during cycling? If you break the taboo, you will be dangerous while during. 1. Physical discomfort and strong riding If you are unwell or mentally uncomfortable, your concentration will not be concentrated. You should plan to move forward or delay your journey in an alternative way to avoid danger. 2. Vehicle breakdown barely riding If the vehicle fails to make an emergency repair at the moment, it should proceed in other alternative ways, or request road rescue. In particular, components such as brakes or wheels (tires) have abnormal conditions and should not be forced to ride. 3. Riding in the thunderstorm In case of severe weather factors such as typhoon, heavy rain, lightning strikes, strong winds, etc., the itinerary should be changed or canceled. If you encounter severe weather conditions while riding, you should wait for the wind and rain to slow down and proceed again. You should also avoid riding at noon (12 noon to 2 pm), or riding at temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, and also add moisture at the right time. 4. Riding at night Compared to the dark night, the lighting of bicycle lights is seriously inadequate and can only be used as an aid to remind other passers-by. It is recommended that riders should start early, increase the noon break, and arrive at the end of today’s journey before the sun sets. In particular, group riding should avoid night riding, so as to avoid safety accidents due to factors such as poor sight and unfamiliar roads.  

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Published by adminOct 23,2018

That’s the only cool way to ride a bike!

For fitness enthusiasts, bike is an excellent way to exercise. If you can ride to and from work every day when conditions permit, you can not only exercise, but also not be bothered by traffic jams and do not have to pay the parking fee. Now, with the improvement of quality of life, there have been more and more bicycle parts, bicycle light, for example, it can make us safer cycling, can say for the friend that likes to ride a bike, if really deserve their car for cool bike lights, more perhaps than the streets of mercedes-benz BMW to attract the eyes of others. SG-BN02 LED strip bike tail light While riding a bike is somewhat safer than driving, in a few cases there are still many dangers, and cyclists can’t enjoy the scenery if they’re worried about what’s going to happen next. But if you use SG-BN02 as a taillight, there are three brightness and two flicker options.At present, the product has a brightness of 50 lumens, so the taillight on the bicycle can make people on the road safer and more comfortable.   SG-BN02 can be also mounted on helmet and backpack for safety light.

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Published by adminOct 19,2018

Best front and rear bike lights for winter

Winter is coming, it’s important to choose a high quality bike lights for us when riding in the dark. In many country, it’s a legal requirement to have a white light at the front and a red at the rear, such as Germany, Switzerland, the British commonwealth and so on. It’s very dangerous to ride without them. Most cyclists will regularly ride after dark in winter months, making bike lights an essential piece of kit. Next, let’s have a discuss on bike light set. How to choose a bike front light? For night commutes or rides – especially on trails away from ambient light sources – a good headlight system is essential. Usually rechargeable bike headlights, which are higher in price but are brighter than the safety lights, can help you see road conditions in almost all conditions. How to choose a rear light? These lights help other drivers or pedestrians see you in dim light. The difference between the various safety lamps is mainly in the way they are installed, the number of light-emitting diodes (led), whether they can be recharged or whether they are used as disposable batteries. Choosing a high quality bike light set is very important for a wonderful cycling trip.  

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Published by adminOct 15,2018

Parts of Bicycle

Among the 25 parts of the bicycle frame, tires, pedals, brakes, chains, etc., the basic components are indispensable. Among them, the frame is the skeleton of the bicycle, and it bears the greatest weight of people and goods. According to the working characteristics of each component, it can be roughly divided into guiding system, driving system and braking system. There are 7 parts as below, 1. Fram The frame component is the basic structure of the bike, and is also the skeleton and main body of the bicycle, and other components are also directly or indirectly mounted on the frame. 2. Types There are two types of soft side tires and hard side tires. The soft-brimmed tire has a wide cross section and can be wrapped around the inner tube. The landing area is relatively large and can be used for a variety of roads. The hard-edged tire has a light weight and a small landing area suitable for driving on a flat road. It has the advantages of small resistance and brisk driving.   3. Bicycle light The bicycle light is a fixture that is mounted on a bike for riding by a rider. At present, the rider has a combination of multiple flashlights and holding clips to serve as night riding equipment. The biggest advantage is economical portability. The disadvantages are narrow floodlights, large blind spots, short battery life and poor safety.

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Published by adminOct 13,2018

Ten taboos for cycling safety(2)

Recent years, more and more people like cycling, they get some benefits for it, but meanwhile there are some bad habits. They will lead to some dangerous things for riders. 1. Improper use of the brakes Please pick up the rear wheel when you are driving, to avoid the car driving too strong and crash. You can change the position of the driver’s handle after changing the personal habits. Before going on the road, you should ask the professional technician to adjust the tightness of the brake line and check the gap between the brake block and the wheel and the degree of wear. 2. Rolling pavement protrusions The road conditions in Taiwan are well known. When riding, you need to look far away to avoid too fast speed and observe that the road surface is barrier-free or pothole. If you can’t dodge it, it is recommended to pull up the handle and let the front wheel leaping over with the pedal power. Reduce the impact. 3. Wearing headphones while riding It is difficult to know the outside world when wearing headphones, such as the horn of the rear vehicle or the reminder of teammates. The long length of the headphone cable is also prone to accidents. If you want to listen to music or radio, you can use a device such as a loudspeaker. It is strictly forbidden to wear headphones to listen to music while cycling.

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Published by adminOct 12,2018

Choosing your bike tail light

The angle of light is coming first to bike tail light, and focusing on environmental protection, energy saving and price. LED has become the most recommended source of bicycle light. But there are a lot of bike lights on the market, how do consumers choose? According to the usage, bicycle lights can be divided into warning bike lights and lighting bike lights. The main function of the warning bike light is to allow the knight to be seen to maintain a safe distance. Generally, the bike tail lights are warning lights; the bike lights must provide sufficient illumination so that the knight can clearly see the road ahead. Generally, the bike head lights are illumination lights. However, it also has a flashing function that can be used as a warning. Since the bike tail lights are mainly used as passive illumination for warning purposes, the purpose is to be seen, so the bike tail lights must be clearly visible from the rear to the side angles of the knight, so in addition to having a certain light intensity, What is important is the wide distribution of bike tail light.  Therefore, in addition to observing the brightness of the rear side of the bike tail lights, you should also look at the brightness of the left and right sides from 30 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees, if it is from 0 degrees back to 90 degrees wide Even light is of course the safest. The bike tail lights consume a small amount of power. Generally, the 7th battery or the CR2032 button battery is used. The button battery can be used to greatly reduce the size of the bike tail light, but the button battery is expensive and cannot be recharged. The installation position of the bike tail lights is mostly in the seat tube, the seat cushion bag and the lower fork. When purchasing, pay attention to the convenience of installation, such as whether you need tools, whether it can be fixed on the seat cushion bag, and whether it can correspond to different sizes of tubes path? Also be careful not to be covered by other things when installing

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Published by adminOct 11,2018

What is the difference between mountain bike and road bike?

Mountain bike and road bike are two different concepts. If you like easy relaxing way, choose the former. If you like the speed of your stimulation, choose the latter. The appearance of the mountain bike makes people feel complicated and cumbersome the road bike gives people a feeling of simple, smooth and light. Of course, The key point is not just the exterior, It needs to be seen as the overall effect of the bike, especially the experience during the riding process. The mountain bike feels relatively stable and comfortable, and the maneuverability and braking are very good. All the design of the road bike emphasizes the speed. Because the tire width is narrow, the road surface is required to be high, the wet road surface is easy to slip, and the flexibility is poor. According to the current situation, mountain bike is better than road bike indeed. However, with the improvement of road conditions and the increasing knowledge of road bike to china market, the development of road bike must be the trend of riding in the future, and road bike will become more and more popular with the passage of time.

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Published by adminAug 07,2018

2018 The 13th Asia Outdoor Trade Show and Asian Bicycle Exhibition

Time: June 28 – July 1, 2018 Place: Nanjing International Expo Center The 13th Asia Outdoor Trade Show and The 8th Asian Bicycle Exhibition will be held in Nanjing International Expo Center from June 28th to July 1st, 2018 together. The two exhibitions were jointly organized by Nanjing Ningfei International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Friedrichshafen Exhibition Co., Ltd., and Beijing Demansi Exhibition Exhibition Consulting Co., Ltd. The supporting organizations include the China International Trade Promotion Committee Nanjing Branch and the China Outdoor Brand Alliance. Nanjing Outdoor Sports Association. The 13th Asia Outdoor Trade Show is an outdoor industry exhibition certified by UFI International Exhibition Industry Association. After 12 years of exhibition, the exhibition not only accumulated rich industry resources, but also was a strong advocate of healthy outdoor lifestyle. The 13th Asia Outdoor Trade Show will focus on integrating high-quality resources in the industry and establishing a B2B omni-channel platform that integrates both online and offline services to provide the industry with more diverse communication channels and more accurate resource interconnection. The exhibition also expects to use the industry’s own influence to create more opportunities for outdoor companies to grasp the major opportunities of national tourism development strategies and open up new markets through cross-border cooperation between “outdoor” and “tourism”. It is understood that the Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2017 received a total of 19,373 visitors from all over the world and 617 exhibitors. This year’s exhibition scale, participating brands and professional visitors are expected to continue to grow. The 8th Asian Bicycle Show will be held in the same period as Asia Outdoor Trade Show. Asia Bike is a sister exhibition of the professional bicycle exhibition EuroBike. It focuses on sports bikes, luxury bicycles, urban bicycles, cycling clothes and spare parts. It is a professional exhibition for the bicycle industry. The Asian cycling exhibition will include a cycling experience day and children’s cycling activities. Focusing on outdoor cycling for young people has always been one of the outdoor education cultures promoted by the Asian Bicycle Show. In previous years, the well-received children’s cycling training camp and the Children’s Safety Ride Challenge event were all sprouting scenes. In addition, riding enthusiasts can also use this kind of professional exhibition, on-site trial riding new brands of chariots, to find their own “BMW.” The 13th Asia Outdoor Trade Show aims to appeal young people put down the electronic devices in their hands, go out and participate in outdoor sports. Whether it’s camping, bed and breakfast, running a marathon or cycling, it’s a healthy, stylish, and positive energy lifestyle.

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