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Published by adminAug 23,2018

Super Bright USB rechargeable bike light

Just about every cyclist needs a set of lights, whether they’re for serious off-road use, riding home from work after dark or night time training. Here I will recommend a super bright USB rechargeable bike light SN-800 from Nitemate.   USB RECHARGEABLE WITH LONG RUN TIME – Stop Wasting Your Money and Never Buy Batteries Again. The USB Rechargeable Bike Light SN-800 charges from your computer or any device with a USB port. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge. 4 modes: High (2 h run time), Mid (4 h run time), Low (6 h run time), and Flashing (5 h run time)   INCREDIBLY BRIGHT TO KEEP YOU SAFE – Instantly improve your visibility & safety. You will be shocked and amazed at how bright it is! The USB Rechargeable Bike Light SN-800 Bicycle headlight equips with the latest CREE LED that provides Ultra Bright 320-lumen output and up to 300 feet beam length   360 DEGREE SWIVEL ABILITY AND INDESTRUCTIBLY BUILT -USB Rechargeable Bike Light SN-800 it practical, reliable, and durable. rotate it to shine literally any direction you want, mount and detach in just seconds without tools! Drop-tested from 2 meter, impact resistant and built to perform. Water resistant rated to IPX5 – Protected against splashing water from any angle.The USB Rechargeable Bike Light that it is getting more and more popular   The USB rechargeable bike light SN-800 frosted lens edge and back-sloped lower section give peripheral and just-in-front-of-wheel awareness. Two tall side gills increase traffic visibility. You get a decent amount of central beam power for confident riding on back roads and battery life can be massaged with three constant and two flashing modes.The USB Rechargeable Bike Light that it is a trend of the future.

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Published by adminAug 22,2018

Best winter, best lights.

Best winter, best lights. Like it or not, winter is here. The worst is yet to come but with the nights drawing in and the weather already getting more turbulent, there’s no denying that the colder months are upon us.   Once the clocks change illumination on the bike will be an essential part of any winter ride, but for a lot of us a good set of lights is already a necessity for early morning commutes and low light training rides.When it comes to choosing the best winter bike lights for riding through until spring, getting a set that allows you to both see and be seen is key to staying safe and to keeping you riding.   These small, hi-tech bike lights are perfect for a quick and simple fix to nighttime riding. They have an easy USB recharge and their straps are flexible for different types of handlebars, frames or backpacks. Overall, these lights offer powerful light in a small package to keep you seen without any added bulkiness. But if you do some serious rainy weather riding, this is the light for you. Nitemate isn’t joking when they say this little light is waterproof. An Active Times contributor, Mary Shyne told us she accidentally put the Nitemate through a wash cycle, and the light survived. With fantastic visibility and 4 settings of blinking, Nitemate once again packs a punch in a small package. If you need a good light, but aren’t willing to pay too much money, the Nitemate bike light set is for you. The housing is water resistant and easily attachable. They have long run times and offer best lights for the cheaper price.

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Published by adminAug 21,2018

Relationship of Shared bicycle and the World Cup

Since the end of 16th, the two top-ranking shared bicycle companies in ofo and Moby have been announcing the launch of bicycles in overseas cities. It seems to be a global brand overnight. On December 6, 2017, ofo announced the first batch of 500 vehicles in Paris, a total of 2,000 shared bicycles. Less than a month later, Moby announced that it would enter Paris, the first phase of launching 1,000 vehicles, and plans to launch tens of thousands of vehicles in Paris. Unlike the ofO small yellow car with a domestic purchase price only about 200 yuan, the quality and configuration of the small yellow car on the streets of Paris is much better, and the change of the Moby model is not too big. The small yellow car that was launched in Paris was a three-speed bicycle, and different frames were chosen according to the height of the Europeans. From the experience of getting started, compared to the small yellow car that is common in China, the small yellow car on the streets of Paris is between the Mobai and the 26-inch mountain bike. The biggest difference in detail is the safety measures. Due to the safety regulations of European bicycles, they installed a large reflector in front and rear and installed a bicycle light under the rut. After riding, the lights will illuminate the road because of the front wheel hub power generation. At the same time, the rut is also equipped with two fixed straps than the domestic version, which can be hooked on the rut to fix items. Government regulation is another issue that must be faced when sharing bicycles. Due to the massive sharing of shared bicycles in 2017, Paris wanted to control shared bicycle. Mainly, I don’t want to see these companies suddenly enter the Paris market without any supervision, like the US short-term rental company Airbnb and the taxi application Uber. Another fact that reflects the ofo and Mobike cycling is that in the app data platform App Annie’s statistics, the applications of theo small yellow car and the mediterranean bicycle did not enter the top 500 of the French application market free list, so shared bicycle it is a long way to go to stand in the overseas market.

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Published by adminAug 17,2018

What do we mean by equivalent lumens of bike light

What does the equivalent lumens of bike light means? Maybe some people don’t know it, here I would like to share it for you.We’ll be the first to admit, this is somewhat of a marketing ploy. Why? Because a lot of people are absolutely fixated on the reported lumen number of a bike light. Our bike light use about 20% less than the “equivalent lumens”, so what are we trying to say? We are trying to say that our bike light performs like a higher powered bike light, but while using less lumens. How is this possible? Through the use of engineered beam patterns that accurately put each lumen exactly on target to get the most out of it. That means that we can have a wider beam with the same intensity because we are using the bike light more efficiently. Through proper engineering design we can determine the peak hotspot intensity needed to feel comfortable at night, and then take that excess energy that normally would be focused with a high lumen spot bike light and spread it out to balance the brightness so that you are left with a bike light that allows you to feel more comfortable riding, as well as redirecting light that normally would be wasted through excess energy on the ground, or just going straight up into the tree-tops which is not where your eye is looking. There is a lot of research, math, reverse engineering, measuring, and some judgement to develop these beam patterns. The peak intensity will not be as great as some higher powered lights, but the second your handlebars start moving and you start actually riding, you’ll get it, and you’ll love it. “Got mine last week and had a chance to test it on the trail. Beam pattern is absolutely phenomenal along with the color temp. I don’t even need to worry about running a helmet lamp anymore and this is definitely the best bike light I’ve used yet over 20 years of night riding.”After reading this article, do you understand what does equivalent lumens means? If you still don’t understand, please feel free to contact me.

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Published by adminAug 17,2018

What happened to this bike light company

On May 23, 2018, Shenzhen Sanguan Technology Co., Ltd., a company specializing in bike light, launched a grand Alibaba platform PK competition in the business department. The competition is divided into three groups according to the platform, each team consisting of one responsible person and two team members. The PK latitude is assessed from the e-commerce score growth rate and the enquiry growth rate respectively. The reward activities are also very rich. Not only do you have the opportunity to conduct money-filling games every week, the group with the highest inquiry growth rate at the end of the event will receive 2,000 yuan and 300 yuan for the best trader bonus. As of July 6, the 39-day PK event has finally come to an end. After fierce competition from various groups, the final winner was awarded the highest award of 2,000 yuan by the group of szsanguan account, and the group leader also received a reward of 300 yuan. The company’s leaders gave awards to the winning team members and gave warm applause. Other colleagues in the business department also gave the most sincere wishes. After the awarding ceremony, the team leader made a summary of the winning and sharing. He mentioned: This Alibaba platform PK is an effective promotion and promotion of the company’s bike light products. He and his team members are under daily pressure to improve the exposure, click and feedback of bike light products by asking other colleagues to learn about the operation of the learning platform and the close and active cooperation within their own teams. This victory is not only due to the factors of luck, but more importantly, they have won through their own struggles, solidarity and mutual assistance, humbly seeking advice, and courage to innovate. At the end of the meeting, the company’s leaders made a concluding speech. He said: As a bike light company, he hopes that each of his salesmen can do their best to keep the heart and the future. I believe that there will be a brilliant rainbow after the storm.

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Published by adminAug 16,2018

The Best Bike Commuter Accessories light kit

Spending money on a quality of light kit that will last can save you money and maybe even your life. Good news: It looks like City Hall is finally taking bike commuters seriously. Even better news: The weather is wonderful, and we’re looking at a couple of good, sun-drenched months of biking. Whether for your health—or the environment’s—it’s time to ride a bike in outside for fun. As with most outdoor hobbies, bike accessories should be hardy: If you spend money on quality upfront, you’ll save yourself money when you don’t have to replace it six months later. Below are my favorite must-haves for any biker. Full Beam Ahead: LED Light Kit Pro Tip: You want a strong-beam front light. Not only are you going to feel better having more visibility out there for cars, but having a little extra shine on the pavement is going to help you navigate potholes in areas unlit by streetlights.  If you haven’t already, invest in a good set of bike lights. You won’t regret it. At $13.5, this set from Nitemate is a good start. Did I describe clearly? Let me know in the comments.

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Published by adminAug 16,2018

How to wear the helmet by using correct way

Helmet is the most important equipment during cycling. It is a guarantee of our life safety. However, if you wear it incorrectly, it will not achieve the protection it deserves. Wrong way as follows: Correct way as follows: Helmets should be horizontally and cannot be tilted forward. Some riders think that the helmet is a bit obstructive to the line of sight and lifts the helmets up a lot to get a good line of sight. Here we can tell you that we can remove the brim to achieve the same effect. Wear step: 1: Open the strap. 2: Place the helmet horizontally on the head and slowly tighten the strap until you feel comfortable. 3: Adjust the strap under the ear. 4: After the strap is adjusted, tighten the strap tightly against the chin. After you complete the above operations, make sure that the helmet does not move more than 1 inch (1 inch = 2.5400 cm) while ensuring it does not fall out before releasing the strap.

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Published by adminAug 15,2018

four reasons why being a mountain biker automatically kicks your level of awesomeness

For most us, mountain biking isn’t just a sport or a hobby. It’s a way of life. Here are four reasons why being a mountain biker automatically kicks your level of awesomeness up a few notches.   1) IT’S A KILLER WORKOUT… AND IT SURE BEATS A TREADMILL When was the last time you heard someone say: “I just killed it on the treadmill, and had such a blast!”? In all likelihood – never. One of the main reasons people give up their exercise routine is because they’re just not having fun with it. And understandably so – after givin’er on the stationary bike, they’ve watched a rerun of Seinfeld and shed a bucket of sweat, and that’s about it. Go mountain biking and you’ll find that for every leg-burning, lung-crushing hill you climb, you’re rewarded with the oh-so-sweet decadent descent you’ve been craving. 2) IT’S THERAPEUTIC Had a rough day? Feeling like doing this to your printer? Those who take up mountain biking have an effective and positive outlet to turn to when needing to blow off some steam. Throwing a leg over your steed and hammering it out for an hour can have the same (if not heightened) remedial effects as lying on a couch while relaying your childhood sorrows, without the hourly bill. Your problems may not have changed, but your outlook on them certainly will. 3) YOU’LL GET CLOSER TO NATURE As Rachel Carson once put it, “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts”.  Indeed, research shows that those who are able to distance themselves from the noise and havoc of daily life to find reprieve in the tranquility of nature are happier, less stressed and more energetic.  One look at mountain bike pioneer Brett Tippie is evidence enough to support this. 4) IT’LL BRING ADVENTURE INTO YOUR LIFE Mountain biking is by nature a pretty adventurous sport, the mere mention of which evokes a certain spirit of exploration and risk-taking. And being adventurous inevitably makes you a much more interesting person. When asking a mountain biker about their weekend, instead of small talk you’ll often hear glorified tales of darting across rickety bridges, scaling treacherous peaks, dodging branches or the odd rabid animal and awkwardly returning to civilization covered in mud, stained with blood and wearing a shit-eating grin.

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Published by adminAug 14,2018

Choice of bicycle taillights

LED is the most recommended light source for bicycles with the first light exposure Angle  of bicycle taillights focusing on environmental protection, energy saving and price.But the product of car lamp on market dazzling, how should consumer choose? According to the purpose, the bicycle lamp can be divided into two types: warning lamp and lighting lamp.The main function of the warning light is to let the knight be seen to maintain a safe distance, usually the bicycle taillights are warning lights;Floodlight must provide enough illumination, let knight can see clearly ahead road condition, general headlight belongs to floodlight, but also attach scintillation function more, can serve as warning to use   Due to the bicycle taillights mainly as a warning to use passive lighting, purpose is to be seen, and bicycle taillights behind the knight must be made from different angles to the side, can be seen clearly, so it besides must have a certain light intensity, more importantly, a wide range of light distribution.When bicycle taillights of choose and buy, therefore, in addition to the brightness of the observation is rear, both side should also want to see from 30, 60 degrees and 90 degrees of brightness, if the backside from 0 degrees has been transferred to around 90 degrees have extensive and uniform light, of course is the safest. The bicycle taillights consumes little power, and generally USES no. 7 battery or CR2032 button battery. The size of the bicycle taillights can be greatly reduced by using button battery, but the button battery is expensive and cannot be recharged.Tail lights the installation position of the pipe, seat cushion bag here and after the next fork, when the choose and buy must pay attention to the convenience of installation, such as whether to need to use tools, whether fixed pad, can correspond to different size of tube diameter on the bag?Be careful not to block out the light when installing.  

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Published by adminAug 13,2018

This fun channel tells you it’s important to install the bike lights on the bike

This fun channel tells you it’s important to install the bike lights on the bike. In recent years, the number of bicycles in Brussels has grown rapidly. Citizens are increasingly keen to go out on bicycles. The number of cars on the road has gradually decreased, the roads have become smoother, and travel has become more secure. However, the data shows that 24% of cyclists do not install bike lights for bicycles, which will greatly increase the accident rate. In order to arouse everyone’s attention, the two organizations of Bike for Brussels and Mortierbrigade joined forces to set up a “light channel” in the center of Brussels. The channel uses a container as a “wall”, with a length of 24 meters and a height of 2 meters mounted on a wall. When a cyclist who has no headlights installed enters the channel, the sensing device is triggered and it will automatically detect the speed of the vehicle. At the same time, a virtual cyclist appears on the screen and rides a bicycle equipped with bike lights to accompany the real person at the same speed. The unique shops, pavements, and logos of Brussels appear on the screen to show lifelike scenes in the form of animation. Suddenly, another virtual cyclist who has no headlights installed overtakes him from behind. After a while, you will find him knocked to the ground by the car, with regrets and regrets. Then the slogan “Be bright, use a bike light” will be displayed on the screen. In addition to communicating the importance of headlights through the demonstration, the planner also presented a bike lights after the rider passed the passage, helping Brussels cyclists to travel safely with the most practical actions. “Lamp” is a very important element in this activity. The planner uses a game engine to depict the shadows under light illumination through a combination of 2D and 3D, and adjust the color of the lights to illuminate this “light channel”.

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Published by adminAug 13,2018

Specialized recalled about 1,632 bicycle lights

Specialized recalled about 1,632 bicycle lights. According to the website of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, a few days ago, Specialized Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has filed a recall plan with the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine will recall some of the Flux Experts and Elites sold from July 2014 to March 2016. , Stix comp, Stix sport series Specialized bicycle lights, product batch number is 1527, 1531, 1535, 1536, the number of affected products in mainland China is about 1632.  The bicycle lights which recalled may be overheated during use, and may cause burns. For those products, Specialized Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will test the firmware of the upgrade program or replace the new product for customers free of charge to eliminate hidden dangers. Specialized Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will issue a recall plan on the official website ( from now , prompting consumers who hold the affected models of lights to stop using the product and contact the nearest dealer. replace. Users can visit the Specialized official website ( to see if the lights used are affected products, and send out customer service emails ([email protected]) to learn more about the situation. You can also visit the Import and Export Commodity Inspection section of the AQSIQ website ( for more information. In addition, consumers can log on to the AQSIQ website ( or call 010-53897456 to reflect problems in the implementation of the recall or submit imported consumer goods. For cyclists, the quality of bicycle lights is very important. This approach of Specialized Trading Co., Ltd fully embodies the high responsibility for product quality and the responsibility for the safety of consumers. The attitude of such a responsible person is worth learning for many companies.    

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Published by adminAug 11,2018

Advice on night riding-don’t forget the bicycle light

When you have night riding, it is essential to mount bicycle light on the handlebar and seatpost. There are also some tips for you. Basics Don’t ride alone at night. If you absolutely have to go solo, tell someone when and where you’re riding, and when you expect to be back. Setup your bicycle lightand go for a test ride around the neighborhood so you can adjust the beam angles, power controls and make sure everything is secure. For your first night excursions, ride conservatively on familiar trails so you can adjust to the conditions and avoid getting lost.   Essentials Consider the burn time of your bicycle lightwhen choosing a trail to ride and leave yourself with enough battery power to get home. Weareye protection. Branches or anything coming from the periphery is impossible to see until it’s too late. Eyewear with clear lenses is perfect. If you don’t use two bicycle lights, at least carry a backup flashlight.   Look out! Don’t be tricked by beam angles. Shadows from handlebar bicycle lightcan make a 4-inch log look like a 4-foot drop-off. Likewise, the lack of shadows from a helmet bicycle light can make obstacles look more flat than they are. When following another rider keep an eye on the trail in front of them using theirbicycle light. Try not to follow their bike so you don’t follow them into a bad line. Out of sight, out of mind—is not a good approach to night riding! Be careful out there, stay safe and have fun! I hope you can be of some help after reading this article, if you are interested in our bicycle light or have any other questions, you can feel free to contact us.

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