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Published by adminNov 05,2018

4 tips for choosing a bike taillight for safer riding

At night, when the bicycle is silent, the cars and locomotives around you will probably be completely invisible and inaudible. If you want other people to find out your existence earlier, you must install the taillight of the bicycle to avoid the accident of being chased.   Tip 1 : See clearly as a principle Like the lamps of motor vehicles such as motor vehicles, the bicycle lamps mainly have the two functions of “seeing” and “being seen”. The headlights responsible for active lighting must illuminate the road conditions ahead. And the taillight which belongs to the passive lighting, shoulders the responsibility that lets the car friend be other people, the car see. Tip 2: USB or battery charge? Consumers can decide to buy the battery type taillight or the USB charging taillight according to their cycling habits and the product features mentioned above. For example, it is rare for people who ride at night, because the use frequency of taillights is low, so it is more economical to buy battery taillights. As to taillight use frequency high, but do not need the car friend of overlong endurance, suit to buy USB to charge taillight. Tip 3: Choose products that suit you Suitable for you is the best one rear light. Tip 4: It should be inspected after installation Finally, call on car friends, do not forget to use rechargeable batteries, and do well battery recycling oh!

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Published by adminOct 17,2018

2018 New designed LED bike light

Feel free to ride at night, this LED bike light can be replaced with a built-in battery at any time.   SN-800 750lm USB Rechargeable LED Bike Light It can be used bike light and flashlight as well. The battery can be replaced, it is very convenient. It uses quick release bracket, it is very easy to mount and dismount.  

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Published by adminOct 10,2018

Time to get bike lights

Time to get bike lights. Cycling is a green and healthy way of walking and an excellent way of exercising.The quiet and unique night scene is also the reason why many people enjoy cycling at night.However, we still need to do more preparation for a pleasant night ride than a day ride. We also need to know some basic night ride safety knowledge and prepare some necessary equipment.In this kind of equipment, we must choose the car lamp well, let the car lamp each does its duty to use is a night riding safety important factor.The Nitemate SG-BU80 is a professional bike light. This is a device for suburban riding.The highlighted output can effectively face the test of the dark night, also can eliminate the interference of other light sources.It’s like my eyes in the night ride.Lead me in the direction of my presence. The shape of SG-BU80 is as follows, for example, the size and weight of SG-BU80 are smaller than many headlights in the market, which should start from the USB port in the picture.The SG-BU80 requires an external mobile power supply.This will have minimal impact on the operation of the locomotive after it is installed.Comparing the weight gain and volume interference from SG-BU80 is minimal.

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Published by adminOct 09,2018

Night riding: cherish life, please install bike safety light

The bike safety light is a good reminder for your life when you ride and run at night. Nowadays, due to the rapid development of of society and the accelerated pace of life, people seldom have time to exercise during the day. Therefore, more and more people like to keep themselves healthy by riding and running at night. But do you know? If you don’t use the bike safety lights for night riding and night running, you may be putting yourself or someone else at risk. Because if there are no bike safety light, many bicycle paths are dark without streetlights, which can be dangerous and make you fall or hit others. Not long ago, there was a traffic accident in yichun, jiangxi province. A women who was running in the night was hit by a bicycle and she died on the spot. Sadly, neither of them had installed any bike safety light or worn headlights while exercising. If the bike had been equipped with a bike safety light, would the result have been different? All in all, installing a bike safety light during night riding is a lamp that illuminates the path of yourself and others.

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Published by adminOct 05,2018

Ten taboos for cycling safety (1)

As more and more people participate in the cycling sport, many newcomers also have such bad habits. The bad habits in these rides have great hidden dangers to the traffic safety of the riders. 1. The wrong way up and down the slope Some people stand up and pedal when riding an uphill section. But unless it is a particularly steep slope or needs to accelerate the sprint, this position should be avoided. In addition to being more physically demanding, the riding center of gravity increases the handling and the rear wheels are also prone to slip. The correct way should be: when going uphill, sitting forward, lowering the upper body to keep the center of gravity, and stepping on with light teeth. When going downhill, the body’s center of gravity moves backwards, the body is depressed, and the thighs grip the cushion. Pay attention to the control speed, the method of progressive braking should be adopted, and emergency braking is strictly forbidden to ensure safe driving. 2. Improper turning methods The body will tilt when cornering, and the inner pedal should be kept horizontal or top to avoid touching the ground. It is necessary to slow down before entering the corner. It is very dangerous to brake during the turn. 3. The safety distance is not enough If you follow the team for group cycling, you should always maintain a safe distance between vehicles. In the long-distance ride, the car will be shielded from the wind for easy cycling. When the road is wide and straight, it is easier for the rider to scatter. It is recommended that the rider be separated by at least one bicycle for safety.

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Published by adminOct 04,2018

Do you know how to choose a bike light?

For people who like to ride, the bike light is a necessary thing for cycling. However, do you know how to choose a bike light? To choose suitable bike lights, we need to know the lumen first. Lumen is a units of light, and we need to know, the higher the lumen value, the brighter the light. But there are a mistake in most of people, the brighter the light, the better the bike lights, this is absolutely wrong. Your bike light is used for Brightening the front, but you should also consider whether the other side of the car is glaring. It is a safe choice to distinguish each other position. The requirement of bike light is a good floodlight, the spot must be larger, not require a long distance, but brighten a large spare, and there must be a clear cut-off line to avoid interfering  the incoming car.   The another requirement of the bike lights is a high seismic performance, because the bicycle may encounter uneven roads and bumps. If the seismic performance is bad, the gear suddenly jumps and the lights are extinguished, which is very dangerous.   What’s more, the lights that are riding at night must have a certain function of waterproof. When we riding, it’s often raining, if you riding in raining without a bike light,it’ll be a hidden danger.

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Published by adminSep 28,2018

How to choose a bicycle light?

Bicycle light is getting lighter and smaller and getting smaller and smaller. At the same time, it provides brighter lighting for riding safety. When buying a bicycle light, you first need to ask yourself: Do you want to see the surrounding environment clearly or be seen? Or both?   What factors need to be considered when choosing a lamp? When we buy a riding light, it is necessary to choose a heat-dissipating, waterproof type of lamp. Be sure to work properly in any weather conditions. Also consider:   LED lamp beads: LED is the main light source for bicycle lights. It has good energy efficiency and durability, and LED lamps are available in many different brightness levels. Brightness: The brightness of the current riding lights on the market is mainly expressed in Lumen. Although lumens do not accurately account for the effective illumination intensity of the lamp. However, most manufacturers currently provide lumens for your reference. It is advisable to choose a ride light with the corresponding lumen value according to your needs. Beam mode: If you are mainly commuting on the street, choose a headlight with a narrow focus beam. On darker roads or trails, you need to use a wide focal length beam for better peripheral vision. Rechargeable battery: The rechargeable battery is usually a lithium-ion battery. They can be recharged hundreds of times, making them a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable batteries. Most rechargeable objects provide continuous brightness until the power is exhausted and the light does not dim. Therefore, most rechargeable lights have a “fuel gauge” or a low battery warning. All rechargeable batteries have a power indicator.   Duration and battery life: Battery life depends on the battery type of the lamp, the power, and the type of LED in the lamp. Most ride lights are marked with length of use and battery life.   Installation method: The headlights are mounted on the handlebars, but many headlights can also be mounted on your helmet. For night riding, you should consider using both types. The beam of the helmet light can be turned through your head, so if you only use one light, you will find that the helmet light is the most versatile. The rear safety light can be mounted on your backpack, pocket or seatpost. Some can also be mounted on the back of the rear bike frame. Side safety lights are usually mounted on spokes or frames. Spoke-mounted lights are especially noticeable because they clearly show that your wheels are moving

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Published by adminSep 27,2018

Bicycle riding for free, Stay away from upset

Why should we ride bicycle? With the rapid development of society, as people’s living conditions are getting better and better, all aspects are moving in the right direction, but the state of the body is not as good as before. Because people are enjoying the convenience of high-speed development, slowly give up the exercise. The congestion of driving has been self-evident, every car jam is irritating, and many friends have begun to choose a healthy way of travel, that is cycling. Every weekend, you should also meet up with friends in the morning, walk out of the house, ride outdoors, relax, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the food, and feel the thrill of the sweat. Bicycle riding is the process of energy consumption. The physical exertion of riding is very high, and the pressure can be released. It is not that the problem of stress is solved, but the mood is relaxed and the state of handling things will certainly be better. Friends who love to ride are usually optimistic about life. They are a circle full of positive energy. Cycling can also make you gain more friends and a bigger circle of communication. The riders come from different industries, from different positions, at different levels. Whether it is helping or being helped, it is a good thing. Bicycle riding makes life better.

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Published by adminSep 26,2018

Nice lights! It turns out you can ride like this

Nice lights! It turns out you can ride like this. Working in the day, cycling at night and riding at night has become an important entertainment for new and new human beings. When it comes to riding at night, lights are of course essential. Today to introduce to you, is a handsome to the explosion of the bike lights. The SG-BU80 lantern, which not only embellishes cyclists at night, but also escorts cyclists while riding, is both beautiful and intelligent. It’s dangerous to ride a bike without light at night, and it’s hard to warn by just a small reflector. A lot of outside car light and trouble, now there is a team perfect solution to this problem. A SG-BU80 includes a headlight with a built-in battery and a taillight. This can be achieved in the cycling process, bicycle before lighting up the road, tail light responsible for warning, to ensure safety. The lights are now in hot sales, with price starting at $19.9. If you’re a loner on a night bike, you may soon be able to buy the cool light.

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Published by adminSep 25,2018

The most beautiful track, the best headlights

In the mysteries world of the Mosuo, the best headlights are very essential to the fashionable and healthy cycling. It is reported that the tour lugu lake international cycling will be open in the most beautiful “lake of love “lugu lake in Sichuan province on September 16 when the start of a beautiful cycling encounter. It is understood that the race of the last year, the total length of the course is 52km, with cycling along mountain roads, provincial roads and rural roads. So in that race, you need best headlights to through it. Due to the complicated road conditions such as steep slops, sharp curves and long downhill, it is very important for you to need the best headlights to warn in the course with an average altitude of over 2,700m and it will also be a challenge to the athletes’ physical strength. As we can know lugu lake is the the third deepest fresh water lake in China. The lake is slightly northwest to southeast, with a length of 9.5 kilometer from north to south, 5.2 kilometer from east to west, and a length of 44 kilometer along the shoreline. There are many ethnic minorities living along the coast, with typical plateau lake natural scenery and unique Mosuo culture, forming a unique natural landscape and cultural landscape, so the installation of the best headlights in the competition can illuminate the unique beauty of this place. This open is divided into two groups: women’s road open group and men’s road elite group. The best headlights and bikers run along the most beautiful lugu lake track, which should be exciting and enjoyable.

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Published by adminSep 22,2018

The real reason why cyclists eat banana when cycling

Bananas are easy to carry, easy to use, easy to digest, high in calories, and inexpensive at cycling, all seasons. Therefore, bananas are excellent foods that supplement physical fitness before and after exercise. The benefits of eating bananas Cycling is a long-term exercise that relies on water, dielectrics, and blood sugar to stabilize. Too high or too low can cause fatigue. The polysaccharides contained in bananas are slow to decompose, and bananas contain a variety of minerals that can replenish electrolytes that are lost with sweat and prevent cramps. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 and are very beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels and maintaining a psychological balance.   In addition, it also contains vitamin A, which promotes growth and enhances resistance to disease. Also rich in potassium, it can improve the brain’s ability to respond, prevent muscle spasms and control high blood pressure. Who can’t eat bananas? Chinese medicine believes that bananas are cold foods and have a great relationship with people’s physique. If you are a cold-blooded physique, often have a stomachache and abdomen, and you are weak, you are not suitable for eating bananas.   acute, chronic nephritis, renal insufficiency is not suitable for eating more bananas. Because of the potassium in the banana, it will increase the burden of kidney excretion.   diabetics to eat bananas to limit, do not exceed 100 grams per day.

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Published by adminSep 20,2018

Cycling can make you live better

Many people like sports. Jogging, hiking, running or cycling. I found more and more young people love cycling, they buy a lot of high quality equipment for cycling, and every weekend they go cycling with friends. Why? Because they think cycling can make them live better.  Sleep well, eat well and your immune system should be improved Strengthen your immune system Dr. David Nieman and his colleagues at Appalachian State University studied 1000 adults up to the age of 85. They found that exercise had huge benefits on the health of the upper respiratory system – thus reducing instances of the common cold. Nieman said: “People can knock down sick days by about 40 percent by exercising aerobically on most days of the week while at the same time receiving many other exercise-related health benefits.” Professor Tim Noakes, of exercise and sports science at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, also tells us that mild exercise can improve our immune system by increasing production of essential proteins and waking up lazy white blood cells. Why choose the bike? Cycling to work can reduce the time of your commute, and free you from the confines of germ infused buses and trains. There is a but. Evidence suggests that immediately after intense exercise, such as an interval training session, your immune system is lowered – but adequate recovery such as eating and sleeping well can help to reverse this. Grow your social circle Cycling is an incredibly sociable sport. Grassroots cycling revolves around cycling club culture – which in turn revolves around the Saturday or Sunday club run: several hours of riding at an intensity that enables easy chat, interrupted only by a cafe stop (or the occasional puncture). Joining a cycling club or group is an excellent way to grow your social circle, and if you’re new to riding – you’ll probably find all the maintenance and training advice you may have been looking for there, too.

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