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Published by adminSep 11,2019

Why is the super bright flashlight not suitable for night riding?

Bicycle lights are important at night. Before the introduction of professional bicycle lights, many people like to use glare flashlight as lighting tools. Some merchants have produced a device specially used to fix glare flashlights on bicycles. Many people still use this device to fix glare flashlights. As a tool for night lighting.   However, the glare flashlight is a flashlight. The original lighting design is mainly for lighting on foot, emergency lighting at home, and standby flashlight in the car. The glare flashlight has its own unique characteristics. It is generally concentrated with a glossy concentrating cup. When the illuminating is out, the center brightness is high, and there is a clear central bright spot. The center bright spot is relatively small, and some well done can be 20 meters. The center bright spot diameter is 0.5 m when the distance is illuminated. Because of the concentrating cup concentrating, the contrast between the central bright spot and the surrounding floodlight appears to be large. At the same time, because there is no obvious cut-off line, the floodlights that are emitted to the high places will make the people on the opposite side feel very glaring. The beam of the flashlight is very concentrated, especially the brightness of the spot in the middle can be very dazzling (many light flashlights can be done on the market); in other words, the bright area is very bright, but the area is small, around Dark places are very dark; not only can you not see the reflection of objects, but the strong contrast between light and dark can easily cause glare and lead to danger. Imagine driving in a narrow road with a car, and the glare of the glare is in the eyes of the driver of the car, causing it to be unable to judge your position correctly. Is the result unimaginable?   Most of the glare flashlights use a 18650 battery.According to its lighting application, the anti-shock performance is not high. The device for fixing the battery is a spring. The spring has a problem that it may contact the battery when the vibration is very high. Bad, causing a jump (there is already a situation where the rider has suddenly turned off when the rider jumps on the road). All of the above characteristics show that glare flashlight is not the best choice for night riding lighting. The requirement for lighting at night is that the floodlight is better, the spot is larger, it does not require a long distance, and when the low beam is illuminated, it must be illuminated, and there must be a clear cut-off line, which cannot interfere with the incoming vehicle. The requirement is that the seismic performance is high, because the bicycle may encounter uneven roads and bumps. If the seismic performance is not good, the gear is suddenly jumped, which is very dangerous. Moreover, it may be used in a heavy rain environment, so it must have a certain waterproof performance.   While, Nitemate SN-500, it avoid the drawbacks of flashlig...

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Published by adminSep 02,2019

Summer cycling precautions

Outdoor cycling helps to mobilize the muscles of our body to achieve body-building. Let’s take a look at the summer outdoor cycling precautions! Bring enough water Cycling is an endurance sport. The activities in this hot weather have put more tests on the drivers. Especially in the heatstroke prevention, we must pay attention to the timely replenishment of water and salt. Especially in the hot weather, the driver’s perspiration is very large, and it needs a lot of water to be replenished. The ordinary riding kettle seems to have insufficient capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to bring enough water for long distance riding. The water bag is the best. Way. Sun protection is also important The skin is the largest organ in the human body, so be sure to pay attention to protection. It is not necessary to tanning. The key is not to sunburn, so you should apply a sunscreen that is waterproof and sweat-proof on the exposed skin. Pay attention to supplemental energy In addition, long-distance riding, high temperature, lack of water makes it easy for drivers to exhaust their physical strength. In this state, people’s appetite is very poor, basically do not want to eat, so a special food is needed to maintain physical strength. Therefore, the energy bar has become the first choice, and the best and most effective one is the American Baldor Energy Bar. It is the necessary equipment for the US National Cycling Team, the Triathlon, and the Chinese Mountaineering Team. Don’t exercise on the road Do not choose urban roads as a place to exercise while cycling, because car exhaust and dust are extremely harmful to people in motion. When riding a bicycle, due to the increased amount of exercise, the cardiopulmonary function is increased. If the exhaust gas and dust cannot be avoided, the harmful gas that is passively inhaled will rapidly spread throughout the body as the cardiopulmonary function is strengthened, thereby poisoning the whole body. In the short term, people feel uncomfortable and coughing; when they are long, they will have headaches and weakness. After years of cycling on the road, passive inhalation of exhaust gas may also cause lung disease. Women who are in the physiological cycle are not suitable for this sport on heavily polluted roads because of their weak body resistance. In summer, the sun is strong, it is easy to heat stroke, and it is not suitable for choosing the road as the venue. Protection equipment must be complete (riding suits are especially important) Because the helmet can effectively reduce the chance of concussion when you drop the car, the US Insurance Regulations stipulate that you must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, otherwise there is no need for compensation for accidents. But in our country, cyclists rarely notice this

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Published by adminAug 26,2019

Why Choose Bicycle Lamp to Have Enough Range

Since cycling is different from walking, you should consider a minimum speed of about 36KM/H, because the steep slopes in the mountains are enough to allow you to glide to this speed! To be safe, you need to give the driver plenty of reaction time. Three seconds is an acceptable warning time for most people, so a 30-meter visual range is reasonable for bicycle lamp. Nitemate Model SG-M01 is a light and compact Mini bike led bicycle lamp , although it has small body, it can be used as both front bicycle lamp and bike led head light. And the its battery is 4.2v,4400mAh lithium rechargeable battery pack, so you don’t have to worry about brightness or capacity at all. It is not only very suitable for daily cycling, but also for long-term outdoor cycling and mountain biking, because it has a long standby time, and it is a USB charging device, which is very convenient. And it has a lumen value of up to 1,000 lumens and a line of sight of 30 meters. If you are interested in it, please click here: Finally, when choosing bicycle lamps, we should not only choose from the perspective of line-of sight, but also take into consideration the lamp bead chip that USES LED light source, the maximum lumen number, drive circuit, battery life, heat dissipation design and whether it is waterproof or not.

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Published by adminAug 24,2019

Why Do We Wear Head Lights When We Ride?

Why Do We Wear Head Lights When We Ride? Because even we equipped with a suitable bicycle front lights, but due to fixed on the handlebars or frame lamp can’t timely light need to master the road, there is big or small the visual blind area, make risk cannot be suppressed. If we equipped with appropriate head light, turn as the rotation of driver in the head before can provide lighting dead area, ensure the safety of cycling. Also, head lights have the added benefit of being able to illuminate the road in front of you in poor visibility, without having to manually change positions. Head light is indispensable an important equipment in outdoor activities, such as walking in the night, the night camping, although some people say that the effect of flashlight and head lamp is similar, but the new head light adopt energy saving technology, such as LED cold light technology, innovation and high-grade lamps on the head light cup materials, are common price can’t be matched by the flashlight, so head light can replace a torch, the torch is not a substitute for head light.  

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Published by adminAug 23,2019

Advantages of 18650 lithium battery

The 18650 lithium battery is very popular in the whole market, it use many filed. Such as Notebook computer, intercom, portable DVD, instrument, audio equipment, model airplane, toy, video camera, digital camera and other electronic equipment. Why it is so popular? I do believe from below advantages should know the reason. Large capacity The capacity of 18650 lithium battery is generally 1200mah~3600mah, while the general battery capacity is only about 800. If combined into 18650 lithium battery group, then the 18650 lithium battery group can easily exceed 5000mah. Long life The 18650 lithium battery has a long service life, with a cycle life of more than 500 times in normal use, which is more than twice that of ordinary battery High safety performance 18650 lithium battery high safety performance, no explosion, no combustion;Non-toxic, pollution-free, RoHS trademark certification;All kinds of safety performance in one go, more than 500 cycles;High temperature resistance, discharge efficiency up to 100% under 65 degrees.To prevent battery short circuits, the 18650 lithium battery has separate anode and cathode.So the potential for short-circuiting is extreme.Protective plate can be installed to avoid overcharge and overdischarge of the battery, which can also extend the service life of the battery. High voltage The voltage of 18650 lithium battery is generally 3.6v, 3.8v and 4.2v, which is much higher than the voltage of 1.2v of nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen batteries. No memory effect Before charging, there is no need to empty the remaining power, which is convenient to use. Small internal resistance The internal resistance of the polymer batteries is less than liquid batteries, domestic the internal resistance of the polymer batteries can even do below 35 m Ω, greatly reduced the battery power consumption, extend the standby time of mobile phone, can reach with international level.This kind of polymer lithium battery, which supports large discharge current, is an ideal choice for remote control model and has become the most promising product to replace nickel metal hydride battery. 18650 lithium battery can be synthesized in series or in combination    Now you should know why 18650 is so popular, right? As an important component of lithium battery family, 18650 battery was widely used in consumer electronics in the early years.In recent years, with the strong rise of new energy vehicles, 18650 battery also began to be used in the new energy vehicle industry.

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Published by adminAug 21,2019

How to grease the chain

A chain is one of the most basic components of a bicycle. It conveys the strength of your legs to the wheels to generate forward momentum.But do you know how to maintain it,How to grease the chain,This is a crucial step. How to choose chain oil?How to choose what kind of oil? It depends on the environment you’re riding in.For example, in wet or dry environments, in addition to moisture, dust and sand also have an impact. Therefore, we suggest that after cleaning the chain, the chain oil needs to be added according to the riding environment. What chain oil fits your chain? The choice of chain oil is largely a matter of personal preference. One thing to be aware of, of course, is not to use a lubricant such as WD 40 as a chain oil, as it will remove the original oil added to the joints. The choice of the best lubricating oil and the frequency of oiling, depends on the operating environment.A good rule of thumb is to use a thicker oil when wet and wet, as it is more likely to stick to the surface of the chain to form a protective film. In a dry, dusty environment it is necessary to use a low viscosity oil, so as not to dust and dirt. How to clean the chain properly? Step 1: clean Before adding the chain oil you need to clean the dirt on the chain and thoroughly clean the surface of the chain, every joint, tension gear and flywheel with an old cloth. Note: Never use degreasing or any strong acid or alkali detergents, as these will wash away the grease in the joints, and we once wondered if we should use a professional chain washer, which we later decided was unnecessary. Step 2: apply chain oil Now that the transmission system has been cleaned, you need to oil it again.Important: do not oil the chain above the chain, as that is not where the flywheel is most in contact. Step 3: remove excess grease The more oil, the better, is a myth, because too much oil tends to trap more dust and dirt and increase chain wear. After oiling, wait 5 minutes for it to fully penetrate the interior, turn the drive system several times, and then wipe off excess grease with a dry cloth. Finally, if you have any questions and want to consult us, please feel free to come to our store at any time:

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Published by adminAug 20,2019

Mountain Bike Tournament – 500 Riders Challenge The 1800

500 Riders Challenge The 1800-Meter-High Huahai Cycling, Wuxi Hongchiba International Mountain Bike Tournament The players are riding in the picturesque mountains On August 14th, 2019 “Sports Cup” China Chongqing·Wuxi Hongchiba 8th International Mountain Bike Race started in Wuxi Hongchiba Scenic Area. 500 cycling enthusiasts from all over the world came to the altitude of 1800 meters. The mountain pond is red pool dam, racing “cloud in the sea”. The event was hosted by the Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau and the Chongqing Municipal Culture and Tourism Development Committee. The 18KM mountain bike race and the 7KM mountain bike race were divided into two groups: the men’s youth group, the men’s middle-aged group, the women’s group and the amateur experience group. Foreign) four groups. This event was founded in 2011. Yan Jianbo from Changshou has already participated in the eighth competition. It is worth mentioning that he has already won five championships. “It is not the only goal to win the championship. It is more important for me to enjoy the game and enjoy the scenery.” Yan Jianbo said. In addition to domestic bicycle drivers, the competition also attracted more than 20 foreign players from France, Ukraine, Ghana, Ethiopia and other countries. OLIINYK KATERYNA from Ukraine said in an interview: “This is my first time to come to Chongqing to participate in the competition. The track is well arranged and the scenery along the way is beautiful. I think I will play again next year.” Riding bike in Flower sea on both sides of the track In order to let the players enjoy the riding bike process, this year the organizing committee has completely upgraded the track. The whole bicycle track is about 7m wide and the altitude is between 1720m-2449m. At the same time, the prizes for this year’s competition are more abundant than in previous years. Among them, the men’s youth group, the men’s middle-aged group and the women’s team champions will all receive 5,000 yuan in cash rewards. The runners-up and runner-ups will receive 3,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan in cash awards respectively. Medal. In addition, the results of this competition are more widely accepted, and all the top 16 students are admitted. In the end, Chen Xiangyuan won the men’s middle-aged group championship with a score of 00:48:02.590. Hu Tiantian won the men’s youth group championship with 00:41:41.230. The champion of the women’s team was included in the game by He Chong. Player Jin Yuhong won the amateur team championship with a score of 00:10:22.353.

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Published by adminAug 14,2019

The opening of the 18th Qinghai Lake Cycling Tournament

On July 13th, on the 13th, the 18th Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Tournament was held in Heshang New District, Haidong City, Qinghai Province. In the next 14 days, 154 contestants from 22 teams at home and abroad will develop speed and endurance. Competition. A spectator waved the flag around the lake at the opening ceremony.   Li Jianming, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, said at the opening ceremony: “As a benchmark for Chinese bicycles, after 18 years of cultivation and construction, the Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race has grown and become an international brand event with world vision, international standards and Chinese characteristics. , witnessing the development and progress of the west.” Li Jianming said that this year’s competition runs through the Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia provinces, across the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Loess Plateau, through the Qilian Mountains, linking the Tang-fan ancient road, the Silk Road and the Yellow River Golden Coast. The event is in line with the national “Belt and Road” construction. The strategy of “National Fitness, Healthy China” highlights the theme of “Green, Humanity, Harmony”, spreads the concept of healthy sports, promotes the spirit of sports, and better demonstrates the unique and rich natural resources of the Northwest. History, culture and ethnic customs. The Belarusian Minsk team appeared at the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, in addition to the wonderful performances and guest speeches, the collective appearance of the participating teams also made the audience feel the charm and charm of cycling.   The current round-the-lake competition will start in Qinghai Heshang New District on the 14th. There are 13 stages in total, with a total distance of 3001 kilometers, including a competition distance of 1,631 kilometers, a transition distance of 1,370 kilometers and a maximum altitude of 3,815 meters.   Founded in Qinghai in 2002, the Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Tournament is the largest international road cycling event in China with the largest number of teams and the highest prizes.

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Published by adminAug 10,2019

How to Choose Bicycle front lights

There is a big gap between the function and price of many Bicycle front lights on the market. How to choose the right products?   the Cycling lampneed flooding, and the distance of long-distance light should not be less than 50 meters, preferably between 100 meters and 200 meters, in order to achieve effective safety lighting when riding. 2) The light cup of bicycle lamp must be orange peel cup, which can effectively diffuse light and illuminate a large area.   3)bicycle lamps should have an excellent heat dissipation system in order to better heat dissipation.   4) Bicycle lights must have a certain waterproof ability to deal with sudden bad weather and environment.   5) The bicycle lamp must have a variety of modes, such as constant light, flash, rescue lamp gear, in order to use in different environments or situations.   6) Have one or two batteries that can last 3 to 4 hours.   The last key thing is the lamp holder. In order to ensure that the bike front lights  is not damaged or shifted in a bumpy state, a suitable and stable lamp holder is indispensable. This lamp holder is generally cheap, but still with the lamp.   The Nitemate SG-T2200 can meet upon requirement, meanwhile it with high quality and competitive price.

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Published by adminAug 06,2019

Nitemate Bicycle lamp

More and more people are interested in evening cycling, especially the bike-sharing project which has become popular recently. Due to work and commuting time, the only cycling time available is night, weekend and holidays. Night cycling has become a very popular choice. Because of the particularity of night riding, the bicycle lamps becomes a necessity, so how to choose your own bicycle lamp? First understand the basic knowledge of bicycle lamp. The lamp of the bicycle is divided into headlamp and tail lamp. The lamp body shell of this bicycle lamp is mainly made of aluminum alloy, which is very strong. The surface is oxidized and resistant to scratch and wear. 4400 mah large capacity battery, good battery life; Most importantly, the slots on both sides of the lamp increase the surface area and accelerate heat dissipation. The bicycle lamp are also IPX6 waterproof and can stay up to 30 minutes under 2 meters of water. Of course, we don’t dive with them, but they are safe to use in heavy rain. If you like it, please click here: The installation of these Shenzhen Nitemate bicycle lamps, regardless of their headlights or taillights, the installation method is very simple, just need to put the silicone band on the bicycle lamp directly on the handlebar, and no tools, very easy and convenient. Welcome to our shop:

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Published by adminAug 05,2019

An Overview of Bicycle Lights

A bicycle lights is a light fixture mounted on a bicycle for riders to ride at night.At present, riders often use the combination of flashlight and holding clip as night riding equipment. The biggest advantage is economical and portable, while the disadvantages are narrow flood light, large blind area, short endurance and poor safety. For professional cyclists, they are equipped with professional bicycle lamps. This type of bicycle lamps has the characteristics of long endurance, wide range of light, waterproof and sweat resistance, and high safety index for carrying bumps. At present, bicycle light can be roughly divided into self-powered and battery-powered bicycle lamps, while self-powered bicycle light can be divided into tire friction generation and flower drum built-in generator generation. Battery-powered bicycle lights can be divided into battery and lamp separation and battery and lamp type. Since self-powered bicycle light are not required to turn on the light, they also need to withstand friction resistance, which is unacceptable for demanding riders. Therefore, battery-powered bicycle lights are commonly used at present. Now, bicycle lights can be divided into front lights, rear warning lights and hot wheels (also known as wheel lights).

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Published by adminJul 30,2019

What is The StVZO Bicycle Light?

We now commonly say the StVZO bicycle light, refers to a professional reflective cup similar to the car near-light bicycle lights. Because this is a new category in the domestic bicycle industry in recent years, we do not have a professional name, just in Germany there is a similar standard, so we take advantage of the opportunity to call it StVZO bicycle light, and I prefer to call this kind of products as “anti-dazzle bicycle headlights.” “StVZO” is a German regulations as the name implies is in line with the German standards, the German standards for a bicycle lamp can do a dozens of pages of text description, Germanic national rigor is really terrible. But to put it another way, it’s a bit too much. Because the earliest requirements for bicycle headlights in Germany have clear provisions, bright and dark cut-off line, three section of light area, color temperature, etc. to meet the relevant standards. The German transport ministry, KBA, has even made a special regulation for this standard, StVZO bicycle light. Those who pass this regulation will be issued a certificate, which starts with K and ends with a few Numbers, which is commonly known as k-mark or k-number.   However, we don’t have to worry too much about whether the StVZO bicycle light has really gone beyond the German standard. To be clear, what we need is a certificate or this kind of products with good experience. For example, “Jeep” was originally the Jeep brand owned by daimlerchrysler in the United States, but later it became the synonym of off-road vehicle because it was too representative, so that all off-road vehicles of other brands were called Jeep. But do you really need to buy the Jeep brand? I’m afraid most just want an SUV. Do you think of?

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