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Published by adminApr 01,2021

A good goods for you training your pet dog?

Along with person’ economy level is higher, more and more peple like feed some pet, like dog, cat, even fish..But, how to training your dog and keep it not bite others? How to training your dog not poo-poo undending? And not be drive away by House keeper?… There are very good goods can easily solve your this issue, pls check below details. The biggest straight line radius is 300 meters for wireless fence and as center of the transmitter; Press “+” and”-“adjust distance, Controllable distance 100/200/300/500/990 FT When dog exceed the setting range, receiver will start working mode automatically: Sound 5 seconds, electric shock 5 seconds, sound & shock at same time for 5 seconds,indicator light flashing. After 2 cycles of working modes, will have di-di-di sound ,the emitted until thereturn to the setting distance range, receiver will not work. After 5 minutes of static, it will enter standby mode. If you don’t want to shock your dog, you can put the silicone sleeve on the metal probe to protect your dog and only sound mode is working. Dog training mode. It can be used on table or outside and It is effective to train pet developing good habits. Pair the code: can control 3 dogs at same time, 001 for 1st dog, 002 for second dog, 003 for third dog. 3 function: sound, vibration, shock; c.Vibration and shock functions 1-3 levels can adjust working time, the bigger of the numbers the longer of time. One transmitter can connect with several receivers. Both transmitter and receiver are rechargeable ,receiver is water-proof 6. Reflective fluorescent TPU collar, improving the safety at night. Are you missing a dog pet that can be used as a wireless fence or as a dog training device? Our company has developed such a multifunctional dog collar which wireless fence and training dog device smart 2 in 1 for dog. If you are interested it, you can contact our sales and get more information.

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Published by adminMar 17,2021

How to prolong the span of batteries

With the progress of science technology, however,mobile phones, flashlights and other equipment are also we need to concentrate on the problem how to prolong the batteries span. Temperature characteristics: temperature is related to the charging speed of the battery, and the change of temperature will affect the change of charging performance. Storage temperature: under normal circumstances, the normal storage temperature of the rechargeable battery is -20~65℃. When the temperature drops below -20℃, the electrolyte in the battery will solidify, and the internal resistance of the battery will become so large that the current can not enter, resulting in the battery can not be used. When the temperature is above +65℃, the electrolyte will produce a large amount of gas, and the resin adhesive on the electrode will deteriorate, leading to the gradual aging and decline of the whole battery, or even failure in a short time Charging temperature: Charging temperature is generally 0~45℃. Discharge temperature: Under normal circumstances, electric battery usually discharges before leaving the factory to prevent short circuit caused by impact or other reasons during transportation.Usually, the new battery does not charge or contains only about 20 percent of the charge. New batteries or batteries that have not been used for a long time may not be fully activated due to active substances, and they typically require two to three small current (0.1C) charging-discharge cycles to reach their rated capacity before use.Batteries that are not used for a long time should be stored in a state of charge. Generally, they can be pre-charged with 50% or 100% charge after storage.It is recommended to charge every three months to restore its full capacity. Notes for battery use: 1.Do not burn or remove the battery, as the chemicals inside the battery are harmful to your health. 2. Do not pull out the lead or plug of the battery, so as not to damage the solder joints and connecting parts. 3. Batteries of different types cannot be mixed. 4. Different types of battery welding, welding connector, etc. 5. After the battery is completely discharged, the charging time should be extended to saturation. 6. Please store the battery in a cool, ventilated and dry place 7. Do not store a large number of batteries densely when the battery is charged or half full. 8. Keep away from the fire and do not come into contact with corrosive gases or liquids, which may cause damage to the battery. Everyone outdoor sports enthusiasts must distinguish between disposable batteries and secondary batteries, one-time batteries are not rechargeable, secondary batteries can be recharged. In the wild, some new friends travelling with you will be in some state without water、 electricity, so it’s essential for us  learn to maintain the battery, prolong its life and time, make our outdoor activities more convenient!

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Published by adminMar 16,2021

Cycling has three incomparable advantages than running

As a whole-body aerobic exercise, cycling can not only exercise the body effectively, but also improve the physiological functions of the brain, heart and other important organs, which are increasingly popular among people. The pace of modern society is faster and faster, and there is less and less time for exercise.Need to achieve the effect of exercise in a limited time, and can ease the mood. Cycling is a great way to see more than walking or jogging for the same amount of time. The effect of exercise is more significant. Cycling is a very direct way to get close to nature. Cyclists who are used to traveling in beautiful scenery usually have a higher awareness of environmental protection and habits.For their own health and diet, cyclists will also gradually establish good habits during the long-term exercise process. You can ride as long as the weather permits. Unlike other sports such as swimming and basketball, which are limited by space and time, you can ride whenever you want. Most of the muscles in the body are concentrated in the legs, and cycling allows each muscle to work continuously.At the same time, the hands, wrists, back muscles and other parts of the body will be exercised accordingly, can greatly increase calorie consumption. During the tour de France, the world’s most famous cycling event, the average cyclist burns 5,000 to 8,000 kcal a day. Cycling is an exercise that activates the brain and is important in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.Long term cycling can give you more “brain power”!, according to researchers at the university of Illinois insist on riding usually has a strong ability of memory and coordination, this is because in the process of cycling sports, the brain will generate a lot of new “hippocampus” (a part of the brain responsible for memory), at the same time, the coordinated movement of each part of body, can also help the brain coordination of ascension for the human body. According to a British study, consistent riding can reduce the risk of heart attacks by about 50 percent and reduce the number of traumatic attacks on the heart by about 10,000 a year.Cycling 30km a week halved the risk of heart disease compared with people who did little exercise.  

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Published by adminMar 10,2021

How to breath more scientific when riding

When riding we must concentrate on much details such as pedalling the bike,or braking,virable speed,bicycle steering and so on.but it’s especially crucial that is our breath which can’t be ignored.Many people ride a bike, wheezing hush, out of breath, heart rate become fast, hard pedal also can’t make the force, like this with your breathing has an impact, the reason, a very important is – breathing. Many people may doubt that breath is just breath in or out whether it’s necessary to study as a natural ability.Maybe,As the bike hobby sportman,the answer is Yes. Correct breathing + proper pedal frequency = free riding! Here is a brief introduction to abdominal breathing, which is helpful for cycling. Abdominal breathing Correct abdomen type breathing method is: begin to inhale the whole body to exert oneself, right now lung and abdomen will be full of air and summon up, but still cannot stop, still want to make every effort to continue to inhale, no matter have inhale into air, just inhale again inhale.Then hold your breath for four seconds, as your body becomes tense, and slowly exhale for eight seconds.Exhale slowly and long without interruption.After doing this a few times, instead of feeling sad, you’ll get a feeling of euphoria.In fact, by measuring your brain waves during breathing, you can see that when you inhale, you roar when you hold your breath, and when you exhale, alpha waves continue to appear.In other words, holding your breath makes alpha waves more likely to appear. When you do abdominal breathing, activity of the diaphragm, it will infiltrate blood vessels and lymphatic vessels from the cell, remove the toxins of reactive oxygen species, promote blood circulation.In addition, do abdominal breathing can make the abdominal organs, all can be stimulated by the rhythm of breathing.The stimulation travels through the nerves to the brain as a self-regulating signal for the gentle rhythm of breathing, and the brain becomes an alpha state after receiving the stimulation. However, most people live with only shallow breathing (chest breathing), so only one third of their lungs are used, and the other two thirds of their lungs are covered with old air.If you use abdominal breathing (breathing awareness), the lungs can be fully used.AbDOMinal breathing allows the body to get the full function of the gas, but also to take in more oxygen.In this way, it can purify the blood and promote the activity of brain cells. In other words, breathing slowly and deeply under the consciousness is one of the most effective ways to create alpha waves.Belly breathing keeps brain waves below 12 Hertz, which is when alpha waves are most likely to occur in brain physiology, and increases the production of the brain hormone endorphin, which AIDS creativity. It turns out that when riding a bicycle, breathing this small action, a small detail that doesn’t deserve people’s attention, there are also so much attention, and so much phi...

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Published by adminMar 10,2021

Bicycles lights we must pay attention to

Bicycles lights are very important for outdoor mountain bike enthusiasts. When we need to ride at night, or if we need to ride in some haze weather, then we must assemble a pair for our bike Good lighting tool. Excellent lighting tools are not only superior in quality, but at the same time, they have a relatively large flexibility in matching with the type of bicycle and adjusting the light. Ordinary lighting tools cannot be compared, so it is very important to choose the right lamp. necessary. Mountain bike lights choice So do you know about bicycles lights? Bicycles lights are lamps installed on bicycles for riders to ride at night. Riders often use a combination of flashlights and holding clips to serve as night riding equipment. The biggest advantage is that it is economical and portable. The disadvantages are narrow floodlight, large blind spots, short battery life, and poor safety. For professional cyclists, they are equipped with professional bicycle lights. This type of bicycle light has the characteristics of long battery life, both flooding and long-range shooting, waterproof and sweat proof, and high safety index for carrying bumps, but it is expensive. It also discourages ordinary riders. In the actual situation, when choosing lighting tools, you may generally prefer torches with strong luminosity, because riding at night, especially in some road conditions without street lights, or when passing some mountain roads, some more luminosity is needed. Lighting tools. Although this is not wrong, in fact this kind of flashlight with too strong luminosity is not suitable for lighting use, and there are certain limitations. Because the light spot of this flashlight is very concentrated, it is easy for people to feel dazzling, and because the luminosity is too strong, the strong light emitted will affect the sight of people and cars driving on the opposite side. Cause accidents for others. Experienced riders know that you need to choose some floodlight lighting tools for night riding, because this type of lighting tool has a very uniform distribution of light spots, and the light level is suitable, and it will not make people feel dazzling; When it is shining, the area becomes larger, so that people can observe the road conditions ahead. At the same time, because the light is divided into bright and dark, and there are more obvious dividing lines, it is said that it will not be brought to the opposite car or people. The bad influence is an ideal lighting tool for night riding. If you look at the state of the headlights of current bicycles, the most suitable observation range is generally ten meters in front, and the width can reach two meters. Generally, when installing these lighting tools, they should be installed at a position below the level of the bicycle, because if it is too high, it will shine into the sky, and it will not play any role in lighting. It is best to adjust the accurate position of the lighting tool during the actual ri...

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Published by adminMar 01,2021

Health is wealth that’s the truth for us

Some people say: “Mood is the first gate to health; with a good mood, a healthy body will walk with you.” As the saying goes: “You have ten thousand functions. You can conquer the world and even change your race. You have no health., Can only be empty talk.” Therefore: “Health is the greatest capital and the most precious wealth in life. Only with it can there be happiness in life, and only with it can there be a future in life,That is the prerequisite for having everything. Remember to cherish yourself and don’t wait for loss. Only then did I realize that I lost my last capital and defeated the bottom line of life.” In today’s society, competition is fierce. In order to survive and to live a good family life, many people work overtime, day and night, and squander their healthy captical. But one day, although the money is made and the career is successful, he finds that his body is exhausted! Think about it, it’s not worth the gain! Life is only one time for us, and a healthy body is particularly important for each of us. Therefore, each of us should consciously establish awareness and concepts of enhancing health, pay attention to the physical and mental health of ourselves and our family members, and truly regard healthy mind and body as an inescapable Responsibility to know! In daily life, we should start from the details, such as washing hands frequently, wearing masks, not going to crowded places, and exercising more. Only when you achieve physical and mental health, your quality of life will improve and your life will be more beautiful! Your family will feel warmer! Because physical health is the foundation of a family’s happiness and the source of happiness. If there is no healthy mind and body, everything is superfluous. As the saying goes: “Health is blessing”, this is the truth!

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Published by adminFeb 23,2021

What is the Twelve Zodiac of China?

The twelve zodiac signs, also called zodiac signs, are twelve animals in China and the twelve territories that match the year of human birth, including rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The Ganzhi epoch method uses the combination of “ten heavenly stems” and “twelve earthly branches” to represent the serial numbers of the year, month, and day, with a cycle of sixty years. In order to facilitate the memory of the folks, the ancients also specially designed 12 kinds of animals (“12 Chinese Zodiac”) and “12 Earth Branches” to match each other. The zodiac signs correspond to the twelve earthly branches, and each zodiac sign represents one year old. The twelve zodiac signs are the visual representatives of the twelve earthly branches, namely Zi (rat), Chou (ox), Yin (tiger), Mao (rabbit), Chen (dragon), Si (snake), Wu (horse), Wei ( Sheep), Shen (monkey), You (chicken), Xu (dog), Hai (pig). With the development of history, it has gradually merged into the folk belief concept of mutual generation and mutual restraint, which is manifested in marriage, life, and year fortune. Each zodiac has rich legends, and forms a conceptual interpretation system and becomes an image in folk culture. Philosophy, such as zodiac signs on marriage, temple prayers, natal year, etc. In modern times, more people regard the Chinese zodiac as a mascot for the Spring Festival and a symbol of entertainment and cultural activities. The origin of the Chinese zodiac is related to animal worship. Ben Ming Nian is your birth sign year or zodiac year. As shown above,if you are born in 1949, your Ben Ming Nian is the Ox year. You will encounter your birth sign year every 12 years. 2021 is the Year of the Ox, so it is your Ben Ming Nian! You may expect to be lucky in your Ben Ming Nian as this is your year. However, the truth is quite opposite to what you had expected. According to Chinese astrology, people in their zodiac year are believed to offend Tai Sui and will have bad luck during that year. Don’t worry, wearing red is the best way to protect yourself from evil spirits and get good luck during your zodiac year!

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Published by adminFeb 22,2021

Holiday of China 2021 year most celebrated

1.New Year’s Day: Holiday from January 1st to 3rd, 2021, a total of 3 days.The grandest traditional festival in China, the longest public holiday;Annual family reunion, eat dumplings, set off firework 2.The Spring Festival: February 11 to 17 will be closed for a total of 7 days. Work on February 7 (Sunday) and February 20 (Saturday).Watch lanterns, eat glutinous rice dumplings, guess lantern riddles. 3.Tomb Sweeping Festival: April 3 to 5 will be closed for a total of 3 days.Visit ancestors’ tombs, spring outing. 4.Labor Day: May 1st to 5th, a holiday adjustment, a total of 5 days. Work on April 25 (Sunday) and May 8 (Saturday). 5.Dragon Boat Festival: a holiday from June 12 to 14, a total of 3 days.To commemorate Qu Yuan (340-278 BC), an ancient Chinese patriotic poet;Eat Zongzi, dragon boat race. 6.Mid-Autumn Festival: September 19-21 will be closed for a total of 3 days. Work on September 18 (Saturday).Family reunion, appreciate the full moon, eat moon cakes. 7.National Day: October 1st to 7th, a holiday adjustment, a total of 7 days. Work on September 26 (Sunday) and October 9 (Saturday).Military parade and celebration on the Tiananmen Square in Beijing;Nationwide traveling peak from Oct. 1st to 7th regarded as the ‘Golden Week’. ShenZhen Sanguan Technology Co., Ltd spring festival from February 6~February 22. 2021.with China’s new year’s coming ,our country came up with related policy about epidemic prevention and control  that low risk areas return to low risk areas didn’t be quarantine but Nucleic acid test, As our goverment orderly management and People’s independent coordinate,many workers in a strange land chose to go home for a reunion and enjoy the holiday.Now as more people return to work after the extended Spring Festival holiday,I’m here to wish everyone has a wonderful beginning and achieve progress in study and career.

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Published by adminDec 26,2020

Merry Christmas best wishes words to you

1、At Christmas and the coming year, wishing you peace, joy and happiness! 2、Warm greetings and best wishes for a merry Christmas and happy New Year. 3、Christmas, I wish you a happy things, happy joy every day. For a very long time year after year! 4、Give you a special blessing to Christmas and New Year bring you endless happiness. 5、Miss your smile, miss your coat, miss your white socks, filled with Christmas presents. 6、Christmas greeting you who is thought about all the best wishes, I wish a Christmas and a happy New Year. 7、Sentimental Christmas is coming, wish you my love more and more like Christmas atmosphere. 8、A brilliant and happy Christmas season, all good wishes! I wish all the best! 9、More busy Christmas, Santa Claus to report. Wear red clothes, Christmas presents a bundle on his back. 10、Happy dance happy carnival, dance together at the moment. Take a deep breath shook his head, get rid of trouble and sorrow. 11、Merry Christmas and happy in the New Year has sweet honey, there are full of expensive, flavorful, Ann kang. 12、Through the spring flowers, pass by summer is fierce, spend the autumn harvest, cold in the winter snow. A merry Christmas. 13、Wishing you every happiness when Christmas is near, and for your CARES and concerns during the year to express our heartfelt thanks to you for. 14、Endless love and blessing for my wife who will always be my valuable Christmas gift and everything to me. 15、May your Christmas be filled with special moment, warmth, peace and happy with family reunions, wishing you all and wish the New Year. 16、My every heartbeat miss you once, until my life stop, heart no longer beating! I love you! Merry Christmas! 17、Your peace is my desire, your heart is my happiness, and my gift to you is the blessing of my life! 18、May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings, come at Christmas and stay with you all the year through. 19、I had was to reduce the work, will be on Christmas night to my care of sock greeting you: merry Christmas! 20、In the season of joy I present my sincerest wishes and kindest thoughts. May this Christmas outshine all the rest. 21、Who may say that Christmas day may ever come to, to forget and forgive everything, let us hand in hand! 22、Christmas on Christmas bell, boundless good fortune; Blowing happy, happy and clinking; Blossom beautiful flowers, endless happiness! 23、Santa Claus said that this year he is going to put a gift in our two socks, Christmas Eve so you have to accompany in my side. 24、Wherever I am, I am only a turned and distance from you, let my heart dance with you on this Christmas Eve. 25、The wind kiss, phrases (SMS), Santa Claus across thousands of miles, transfer our love, Santa Claus is my witness, love you ten thousand years. 26、Some things are not always forget, some people are always lingering around, it is so wonderful to meet, the life is so good. Merry Christmas! 27、Snow on a Christmas tree, quiet down, the distant melo...

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Published by adminNov 06,2020

Hike equipment necessary for the first hiking you need

7 pieces of equipment necessary for the first hike when many people talk about tourism, they will choose self-driving tour, thinking it saves time and effort, but if it is a tourist, why should people be anxious, and feel it with their heart, go on a walking tour, and appreciate the beauty of the world. Trekking is a unique fitness exercise method in outdoor activities. For those who start long-distance trekking for the first time, certain necessary preparations must be made in advance to ensure their own safety. Therefore, the next recommendation from netizens You have to bring the 7 kinds of equipment for you! Hiking shoes “A thousand miles begins with a single step”. To start a hiking tour, you should work hard on the soles of your feet first. It is very important to choose a pair of shoes that suit you for hike. A good pair of hiking shoes can not only prevent damage to your ankles, but also give you any sense of belonging in your heart. So how should a good pair of hike shoes choose? (1) First of all, people should decide which shoes to choose based on your hiking route, compressive strength and topography. Due to different natural geography and topography, the rules for shoes are different. (2) Long-distance reinstallation of shoes has very strong uppers, suitable for carrying capacity objects and taking long-distance difficult and dangerous new roads; while short-distance light shoes are relatively light and easy to walk, and the uppers are not thick, so they are suitable for bearing small quantities of objects. Smooth road. (3) For those who are hiking for the first time, the editor recommends choosing as much as possible themed activities with low compressive strength in short and medium distances, which can arouse interest in hiking, and it is not easy to be too fatigued. backpack Many students who are traveling on foot for the first time feel that there is no need to deliberately buy a travel backpack, just a backpack with a capacity can hold enough items. I think this view is incorrect. Generally, backpacks have insufficient levels, and the items are piled together. It is very inconvenient to pour all the backpacks out to find them. Therefore, the effective way for people is to buy this fitness sports backpack. The compartments of the fitness sports backpack can be divided into black and white, which can distribute the items in an orderly manner. At the same time, for those who choose to hike for the first time, the backpack does not need to be large, it is best to choose a medium-sized backpack, and the shoulder straps are not necessary. It’s too long, it’s best to match it with your own size. Quick-drying clothes For fashion athletes, quick-drying clothes are very commonly used. The key choice is chemical fiber fabrics. Clothes made with a variety of basic principles of physics can digest and absorb the sweat discharged from the body, and then arrange it on the clothes and pants. Outside, according to the ...

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Published by adminOct 28,2020

Headlight recommend to you the sensor headlight

Why buy a headlight? Because headlights are more convenient than flashlights, camp lights, or flashlight software on mobile phones, especially in harsh environments or emergency situations: 1.Release your hands: Release your hands is the key advantage of headlights than flashlights. For certain sports, such as rock climbing, releasing your hands is essential. Around the camp, although camp lights can also provide light to release your hands, if you have the help of headlights, just turn your head and you can shine a spot of light where you want to see. 2.Lightweight: The headlight is small in size and weight, so it can be easily put into your backpack, and it will not make your head uncomfortable when worn on the head. We suggest that if the outdoors you are going to are not a paradise, you are worth considering buying a headlight as a tool to help you better cope with possible accidents. When a situation arises, keep the lights in line with your sight and move your hands freely to deal with accidents, which will save you a lot of unnecessary trouble. Choose the headlight and choose according to the scene. If you go to the wild, we recommend headlights with red light mode. When we face an accident, the red light can save a little bit compared with the white light, which can extend the lighting time, and the red light has high efficiency and can be seen from far away. In this way, we can send out a distress signal in time when we encounter an accident. Here introduces an USB rechargeable auto-sensing headlight for everyone, it with white and red light. The features is below: 1、Brightness:180 Lumens 2、Mode:white light(High、Middle、Low、Flash)/ red light(High、Flash ) 3、Battery:3.7V 1200 mAh Lithium polymer battery 4、Life time :About 7 hours light 5、Waterproof:IP64 6、Size:78*35*43mm 7、Range:About 100-150meters 8、Materials:ABS 9、Weight:83G 10、Charge:USB You can find that it with long running time, 6 modes, USB rechargeable, light and waterproof. I think I think it will be your helper in your journey.

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Published by adminAug 25,2020

Epidemic situation bring us some impact and thoughts

COVID-19 is a world war without fire. The virus that fell from the sky caused panic among people. Faced with this unexpected new coronary pneumonia, everyone’s life has been affected. We wear masks, run away from the crowd, can’t go out, can’t go to school, can’t meet with friends, many of us cannot help ourselves. The epidemic came suddenly this time, some people left and some recovered. Behind each number is the misfortune or luck of a family. The epidemic this time was sudden, terrifying, and panic, but to be precise, it was chaotic. After the outbreak, the harm has been obvious: this is the human tragedy that has hit the global economy the most since World War II. It soon overwhelmed the health systems of all countries, whether developed or developing countries are spared. The resulting society And the economic impact will be unprecedented. Especially in relatively poor and backward countries, this epidemic is undoubtedly worse, their health systems are weak, the supply of key medical supplies is in short supply, the economy lacks resilience and is heavily dependent on trade. They may soon fall into an ambush on all sides and encounter a health, economic, and social disaster that will affect the whole world. With the chaos brought about by the epidemic, it seems that people all over the world have stepped into an unknown water together, and the changes that emerge every day are testing how we respond and make adjustments. The world is facing huge challenges, and the epidemic will also bring mental stress to people. Fear and anxiety about new diseases and what might happen can be overwhelming and trigger strong emotions in adults and children. Some public health measures, such as maintaining social distance, can make people feel isolated and lonely, and increase stress and anxiety. stress during an infectious disease outbreak can sometimes cause the following: 1. Fear and worry about the health, financial situation or job of oneself and loved ones, or loss of support services on which they depend. 2.Changes in sleep or eating habits. 3. Difficulty falling asleep or concentrating. 4. Deteriorating chronic health problems. 5. Deterioration of mental health. 6. Increase the use of tobacco and/or alcohol and other drugs. The past “normal” suddenly disappeared. No one knows when this state will end? Or, what will it become next? From this incident. We have to start to examine ourselves. Regulatory action is a test of people’s awareness of self-control. All kinds of changes are taking place, and I hope everyone can make progress after experiencing this baptism of God to us. We live under the same beautiful sky, and we have the same heart that prays for beauty.

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