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Published by adminJul 08,2019

cycling travel of tips

First, the first part cycling travel of tips 1.riding is to ride a bicycle to play, do not ride a bicycle to travel. 2.The touring station wagon is better than the mountain bike, and the mountain bike is better than the road bike 3.Folding car is very convenient and suitable for travelling by car and cycling. 4.Before you start your ride, give your bike a great workout. 5.The more expensive the bike, the better, but two or three thousand yuan can still ride to Tibet. Then comes the second part cycling travel of tips 6.27.5 is very popular, but 26 is still mainstream, road maintenance and other more convenient. 7. some people say V brake is more suitable for long-distance cycling, because the structure is simple and convenient for maintenance, but now the entry mountain bike is equipped with disc brake, disc brake is not as complex and fragile as you think. 8.Tire repair is a necessary skill for cycling, not one of them. 9. the car encountered problems, timely maintenance, do not think about compromise, will not only affect the riding experience, but also may make the bicycle scrapped. 10.Watch your bike while you ride, don’t let thieves steal it. And then the third part cycling travel of tips 11.riding is not a trip to go, please prepare in advance. 12.Road books are very important, do it. 13.Rely on maps for navigation, not total dependence 14.Do proper cycling training before riding, so that you can adapt to the heavy riding. 15.have a reliable partner, the best. This is followed by the fourth part cycling travel of tips 16.Can ride with strangers, but also to prevent being cheated. 17.waterproof is a very important thing on the way to ride, we must do it well. 18.Pack is more practical than backpack. 19. Read the cycling notes of your route in advance for reference. 20. Preparation before riding includes strategy preparation, equipment preparation, physical preparation, and more importantly, psychological preparation. Are you really ready? 21, cycling do not litter, spit and urinate. Finally, the fifth part cycling travel of tips 22.Obey traffic rules, ride safely and in a civilized way. 23.Bicycles are not allowed on the highway, really not. 24.try not to ride at night, heavy rain hot weather cycling. 25. uphill is very tired, downhill is very cool, but more dangerous, pay attention to speed. 26.when leaving your residence in the morning, please check for anything missing. 27.Ride not to move, rest, cart is not a disgrace. 28.Respect local customs and habits. 29.Riding is not only riding, but also swimming, have fun. 30.Don’t forget to wear a helmet, many people who ride long distances don’t wear one. 31.Please call your family every day during the ride. 32.take photos, but do not take photos in cycling, do not take photos in dangerous places. 33.No matter how good the phone is, I’m afraid there is no electricity. 34.with a spare tire, with a repair tool, if you forget to bring a pump that is embarrassing, with ...

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Published by adminJun 27,2019

Tips and Methods for Bicycle Tire Maintenance

Bicycle tires are in contact with and rubbed against the ground all the time, so the maintenance of bicycle tires is very important. It’s hot, don’t expose to the sun If the bicycle is placed in a place with strong sunlight for a long time, the ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight will cause the tire to age. Proper tire pressure Many friends who know more about the car will look at the tire pressure when they are cheering on the tires. However, more novice friends are looking at the feelings. Of course, it is OK to ride. In the summer heat, the gas must not be too much, or it is easy to puncture. There is also too much to play, no matter what time you are, even if you are still angry, you are still riding a bicycle. This is a fatal injury to the tires. It’s not good to beat too much, too much expansion, affecting the lifespan. Multi-cleaning of the tire surface   Cleaning and maintenance of bicycles is something everyone will do, but many people will ignore the cleaning of bicycle tires.During the riding process, the tires are likely to stick to dirt and sharp objects. It is very important to clean them regularly. First to use a brush, then the water is washed, especially clean.

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Published by adminJun 24,2019

The Rise of Professional Headlights Bicycle Lights

With more and more people riding at night in cities, the safety of night riding has attracted more and more people’s attention, and the headlights have become the first choice of night riders. Lights, like helmets, are mandatory in many European and American countries. Recently, as far away as Colombia in South America, all cyclists are required to have front and rear lights for night riding. It goes without saying that headlights are very important for a bike, especially headlights for lighting, so today we will discuss the bicycle headlights. The traditional bicycle headlight evolved from the flashlight, which is usually a strong flashlight and a bracket. Later, it gradually evolved into a shorter and more delicate flashlight, and then the most popular owl headlight with two or three heads or more heads in the market. But none of these are truly bicycle headlights that fall into the category of a flashlight.  Why isn’t a flashlight a real bicycle light? This is because the long range of strong flashlight will seriously interfere with the line of sight of cars and pedestrians coming from the opposite side, bringing unsafe risks to others as well as yourself. Bicycle headlight, which often reach 1,000 lumens, are no less harmful than high-beam headlights, which are far brighter than urban cycling requires. The earliest requirements for bicycle headlights in Germany have clear provisions, bright and dark cut-off line, three section of light area, color temperature, etc. to meet the relevant standards. The German transport ministry, KBA, has even made a special regulation for this standard, StVZO. Those who pass this regulation will be issued a certificate, which starts with K and ends with a few Numbers, which is commonly known as k-mark or k-number. Through the content of the appeal, do you have a further understanding of bicycle lights? If you are still unclear or in doubt, please feel free to contact us and visit our store

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Published by adminJun 19,2019

28th the ShangHai international bicycle show

The Shanghai bike show in May is over. Our company Nitemate(brand) gained a lot from this exhibition. And, Every year we would attend the specially cycle show. We took many of new bike lights and related accesssories to attend the show, there are many old clients and new clients came to our booth No. We got some new order from some old client and news clients, also got  belief from clients, cause every year we are in this cycle show, many of bigger international company buyer, CEO and engineers has recognize us, know our Ostar, SanGuan, Nitemate. Every year we will waiting for you on ShangHai, next season, welcome to HongKong lighting show on Octorber.

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Published by adminJun 17,2019

Multi-material composite dental disc

The 28th Shanghai international bicycle exhibition officially ended on the 5th of last month there are lots of factories from China attend the cycle show. It is bicycle and e-bike whole accessories show,One of The deepest impression is tooth disc crank assembly and CNC integrated flywheel part. There are a few key indicators for the bicycle teeth: high strength, high toughness, high wear resistance, lightweight.However, there is a contradiction between high strength and lightweight.Often will lead to the strength up, weight will also go up, that is, we often say pile material.In order to solve this contradiction, shi lu in the structure of the tooth disc for the division of labor.At present, most of the ultra-light tooth disc, are using 7075 aluminum alloy to process, but in any case, aluminum alloy is still aluminum alloy, strength or limited. In the past, there were three main problems in the aluminum alloy disc tooth part: First, aluminum alloy teeth in the use of deformation. Second, the aluminum alloy teeth compression ability is poor. Third, poor wear resistance. In the center of the tooth and the combination of the surrounding disk teeth, because the force of both are mainly tangential.On the connection of the two, the aluminum alloy body at the center and the surrounding disc teeth are designed with a trapezoidal opening at the joint.   The tooth part of the disc, due to the alloy steel material and surface coating treatment, the hardness is far beyond 150HB of 7075 T6 treated aluminum alloy, can reach a higher 570HB, and due to the different thickness of the coating, the more the core position of the hardness will gradually decline, but it is still much higher than 7075 aluminum alloy.And the tensile strength of the aluminum alloy core in the center also reached more than 700 mpa, compared with the strength of the aluminum alloy treated by 7075 T6 is only about 450 mpa.

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Published by adminJun 15,2019

The bicycle light factory in the Shanhai bicycle show!

The 29th China International Bicycle Exhibition opened in Shanghai. After nearly 30 years of development, China International Bicycle Show has become the world’s largest and most influential professional exhibition, from which you can see the cutting-edge trends in the development of the world bicycle industry. This year’s exhibition reached a scale of 150,000 square meters and nearly 6,400 booths. Not only the domestic well-known vehicle and parts companies, but also the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain have attracted enthusiastic participation. They also attracted from the United States, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Japan. A total of 1,300 companies from 25 countries and regions including India, South Korea and Spain participated in the exhibition. Shenzhen Sanguan Technology Co., Ltd. started in 2010. The factory is located in Shenzhen, the world-famous hometown of electronic technology. It is currently the first factory in the industry to focus on the quality and innovation of bicycle lights. Nitemate is a sub-brand under its name. To help customers better capture the market, the brand has been registered in the United States and Europe, and the company invests annually. In addition to bicycle lights, our company also produces headlights, flashlights, batteries and outdoor sports related products. The company’s products are exported to more than 100 countries around the world, and users are well-known for our products. Unpack our bicycle light and you can communicate with us. Every button, every screw, is full of our thoughts and our sweat. Can you use it? No, no, we sternly reject this idea in our hearts. We inject soul and care into every product. We advocate the harmonious unity of function, experience and beauty. Our pursuit of the ultimate perfect, unique original product to provide users with the best experience, perhaps this means never-ending hard work, but even if it means only one thousandth of the customer, we will do our best.

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Published by adminJun 14,2019

Bicycle light selection method

When we need to ride bicycle at night, or if we need to ride in some smoggy weather, then we must equip our bike with a good lighting tool. The so-called good lighting tools can not only play a role in lighting exploration for the user, but should not hinder the actions of others. Excellent lighting tools are not only superior in quality, but also have a greater flexibility in the adjustment of the lighting type with the bicycle type. The ordinary lighting tools can not be compared, then the bicycle How should fans choose the right lighting tools? In the actual situation, there may be many friends who are generally biased towards some luminosity flashlights when choosing lighting tools, because they ride at night, especially when there are some roads without street lights, or when they pass some mountain roads. More need for some more illuminating lighting tools. Although it is not wrong to say this, in fact, this kind of luminosity flashlight is not suitable for use as lighting, and there are certain limitations. Because the spotlight of this kind of flashlight is very concentrated, it is easy to make people feel a dazzling feeling, and because the luminosity is too strong, the strong light that is emitted will affect the people and cars coming from the opposite side, affecting their sight. There may be accidents that may lead to others. Experienced drivers know that cycling at night requires the selection of some floodlighting tools, because this type of lighting tool has a very even distribution of light, and the light is suitable for a dizzying feeling; When the area is shining, the area becomes larger, so that people can observe the road ahead well. At the same time, because there is light and dark light, there are obvious dividing lines, so it will not bring cars or people who are facing each other. The bad influence is the ideal lighting tool for night riding. If you look at the state of the headlights of today’s bicycles, then the generally suitable viewing range is 10 meters in front and the width can be up to two meters. Generally, when installing these lighting tools, the tool should be installed at a position with the bicycle level down. Because it is too high, it will shine in the sky and it will not play any illumination. It is best to be able to adjust the exact position of the lighting tool during the actual ride, and you can’t feel it almost. Although the lighting tool is only a small part, it is also essential during the riding process, so I hope that the driver can pay attention and not ignore the influence of details.

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Published by adminJun 10,2019

Mountain Riding,finding another beauty

Mountain Riding a bicycle, a pot of water, a bag, a good weather, a group of friends, journey can be start.   Most of us are used to the fast-paced life,rarely have time to get close to nature. while Cycling makes up for this deficiency and brings us to find and feel another beauty.   During the mountain riding, there may not be as spacious roads as the city, also have no convenient living facilities. But we can breathe fresh air, get close to nature, smell the flowers, and listen to birds. You can also try to open your arms and close eyes, then you will be fly like a bird to embrace the oncoming wind and sunshine. When we stop cycling to have a rest,maybe we will sigh the beauty of life, or perhaps think about the meaning of life.   The beauty of mountain riding will makes us forget the time or even not want to back. For this, the bike lights are required and necessary. Since the mountain road is rugged and maybe have dangers of wild animals attack.then we need high lumen bike light with long run time.   Here are SG-T2200 2200 high lumen multi function bike light with high quality for you.

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Published by adminJun 05,2019

Are Bike Rear Lights Required ?

More and more people interested in riding.while due to the work reason, the riding time is usually in night,weekend,and holidays. night riding has become a popular outdoor sport. Due to the special nature of the night ride, the lights become a necessity. For night riding,most cycling enthusiasts know the importance of frontlight,but  ignored the rear lights’importance and significance. Rear light have Bright colors and beautiful appearance, so most of us categorizes them as bicycle decorations, but ignores the function. So what is the rear lights’ function? How to choose bicycle rear lights? Rear Bike light function The rear light main function is safety warning (Be seen). No matter what kind bike your ride, such as a mountain bike, a road bike, a commuter car or a basket car, as long as you ride at night, you should install the taillights so that the rear car can be seen at a glance.See the existence of bicycles to protect personal safety How to choose rear bike light A)bright. Is the rear light brighter and safer? This is absolutely wrong. of cause, with high lumens can warning in a farther distance, but it will be affecting the riders who behind you and easy involved dangers or the bicycle the light is too bright and too glaring. BTW, higher Lumen will with shorter run time. Waterproof the rear light waterproof required, in case it raining or bad whether. Easy install The last, we should consider the convenience of installation and ensure match you bike.   Recommend Rear Light for you.   The rear light for you, it have mini size,bright colors, and easy install,and the important with good quality and cheap price.

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Published by adminMay 30,2019

How to Choose a Home Flashlights?

With the development of flashlights technology, household flashlights has the characteristics of long life, reliable and durable, and low maintenance cost. Constant voltage drive is adopted to ensure the consistency of brightness of strong light flashlight, and to ensure the reliability, life and light decline of LED flashlight. Low cost, high reliability drive circuit is the key to ensure that the ultra flashlight has a lasting brightness, so we need to be very careful in choosing a home flashlights. Choose the materialIf If you want to pick a good flashlight, you should first choose the material of the flashlight. Check the process First of all, the barrel should be neat, meticulous, well-made, no solder spots and gaps, which is crucial to ensure the moisture resistance of flashlight. Next, the tube body even anti – skid ginning, and the process to be elegant. The 3rd it is lamp holder and canister body joint place should seal ring, of course this also is to be in moistureproof consideration. Identify the light source The light source of flashlight has bulb and LED the commonest two kinds.It is ok that domestic use chooses LED illuminant, the advantage of LED is energy-saving, service life is long, won’t send out excessive heat energy to produce “hot” phenomenon. See the brightness If it is only for indoor use at home, a 1W LED flashlight is enough. For non-rechargeable AA battery, use a smaller power. The current at the LED end is generally below 300MA and the power is below 1W. If it is occasionally used outdoors, it is not recommended to use a dry battery flashlight. It is better to use 18650 bobbin with current up to 750MA and LED power consumption up to about 3W. Having said that, if you still don’t know how to choose, it doesn’t matter, please click here for more styles

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Published by adminMay 25,2019

The Earliest Flashlight

Flashlight is a handheld luminous lighting apparatus, mainly to dry battery for energy, the use of dry battery and can light up the electric bead composition circuit. When the switch is turned on, the circuit is switched on, and a current flows through the beads, making them glow and illuminating. The earliest flashlight was invented in the 1890s by Joshua Lionel Cowen. It was shaped like a metal tube and was powered by a battery. Conrad Hubert, an employee of corwin, realized that if he could get rid of the bonsai and sell the invention as a separate lighting device, he would make more money. Hubert began selling the earliest flashlights, and in a 1947 interview with the New Yorker magazine, corwin said he did not receive a cent of the final proceeds. At present, the flashlight with strong irradiation effect is mainly equipped with 800 lumen single chip CREE XML T6 LED long-shot focusing flashlight, with medium and short range floodlight intensity, good long-distance focusing, excellent road irradiation effect, and it is the first choice for outdoor and night riding. Another T6 LED 18650 straight, small size, high brightness. We are a manufacturer of flashlights, please contact us if you are interested in it

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Published by adminMay 16,2019

New Bike light with flared

Nowadays, we pushed some new bike light With a flared with very competitive price as below,if you have interested, pls see below details, Model: OS-HJ0011 Bike light with flared Description: Main material:ABS Lamp bead: Samsung Illumination:350LM Product packaging:Color box Product size:93*38*33 MM Product weight:(set/123.6G) Product color:Red Battery model:Polymer cell 1200mAh Modes:Constant light – half light – flash Packing information:46.5*29.5*49  CM   120pcs 15.5/14.5kgs OS-HJ052With a flared with solar function Description: Main material:The silicone + ABS+PC Lamp bead: T6 Illumination:350 lumens Product packaging:gift box Product size:4*10.7*4 CM Product net weight:105.8G Excluding car clip(set/220G) Product color:Black blue grey Battery model:18650  2000mAh Solar panel:5v, 40 mahIt can fill 70-80% in 50 hours Color temperature:8000-8500/8000-9000 (each batch of bulbs has different color temperatures) Modes:Solar energy charging light induction Packing  information:50.5*34*56 CM   80pcs 17.5/18.5kgs With bell bike light is more and more popular these days, many of clients are seaching this type bike light, we will take it to the 29th ShangHai Cycle show on 6~9 May 2019. also we will push it to all of our old clients and news clients, if you are interested it, pls feel free contact us, welcome to try samples firstly.

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