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Published by adminMar 21,2019

How was the flashlight birth

The flashlight is a handheld electronic lighting device. A typical flashlight has a battery-powered light bulb and a focusing reflector, and has a handle housing for handheld use. Although a fairly simple design, it was not invented until the late 19th century, when it had to be combined with the invention of the battery and the light bulb. In the early stages, it’s a Flashlight, which is a light for a short time, because the battery is low. Modern civilization does owe a debt of gratitude to the American inventor Thomas Edison, who made the first commercially valuable white lamp and brought light to mankind. However, Conrad Hubert, who immigrated to the United States from Russia 100 years ago and invented the flashlight, deserves the same respect. When Hubert came home from work, a friend proudly showed him a shiny flowerpot. He had a battery and a small light bulb in a flowerpot. When the switch was on, the bulb lit up the flowers in all their glory. With the flashlight on display, Hubert was fascinated, and it gave him a clue.He sometimes walked in the dark at night, with one foot high and the other low. Not long ago, he had to carry a heavy oil lamp to the dark basement to look for things. Wouldn’t it be practical and convenient, he thought, to be able to use a light bulb for portable lighting? So Hubert put the battery and the bulb in a tube, and the first moving light flashlight came out.

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Published by adminMar 20,2019

The History of LED light development

In 1998, white LED light was successfully developed. To general illume character, people needs white illuminant more. The LED light is made of GaN chip and yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) encapsulated together.GaN chip emitting blue light (lambda p =465nm, Wd=30nm), high-temperature sintered YAG phosphors containing Ce3+ emit yellow light after stimulated by this blue light, with a peak value of 550nm.The blue LED substrate is mounted in a bowl-shaped reflecting chamber and covered with a thin layer of resin mixed with YAG, about 200-500nm. Part of the blue light from the LED light substrate is absorbed by the phosphor, and part of the blue light is mixed with the yellow light from the phosphor to get white light.For InGaN/YAG white LED light, white light with color temperature of 3500-10000k can be obtained by changing the chemical composition of YAG phosphor powder and adjusting the thickness of phosphor powder layer. From the discovery of LED light effect in 1907 to the official invention of LED by shuji nakamura in 1993, to the official commercial use of 1W LED lamp in 1999, LED experienced nearly a hundred years of development.Until then, people had been using incandescent light bulbs, invented by Thomas Edison in the last century. Incandescent light bulbs waste most of their energy in heat, and about 90 percent of their electricity is wasted. The appearance of LED light lamps has greatly reduced the power required for lighting. The same wattage of LED lamps requires only 1/10 of the power of incandescent bulbs. At the same time, LED light has the advantages of long life, environmental protection and maintenance-free.  In 2012, the Chinese government announced a total ban on the sale and import of incandescent lamps with over 100 watts for general lighting. As the Nobel Prize in physics put it: “incandescent light bulbs illuminate the 20th century, while led will illuminate the 21st.

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Published by adminMar 18,2019

What is LED light?

The LED light is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, which is solidified on the bracket with silver or white glue, and then the chip and the circuit board are connected with silver or gold wire, sealed around with epoxy resin to protect the internal core wire, and finally the shell is installed, so the LED light has a good seismic performance. Because LED can directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, green, orange, purple and white light, they were used as the indicating light source for instruments and meters at the beginning. Later, led light colors were widely used in traffic lights and large-area display screens, resulting in good economic and social benefits. Take a 12-inch red traffic light, for example. In the United States, the long-life, low-light, low-efficiency 140-watt incandescent lamp was originally used as the light source, which produced 2,000 lumens of white light. With the red filter, 90% of the light is lost, leaving only 200 lumens of red light. For the new lamp, Lumileds USES 18 red LED lights that use a total of 14 watts, including circuit losses, to achieve the same luminous effect.The automobile signal light is also the LED light source application important domain. LED lights have the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection and long life.

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Published by adminMar 13,2019

Features of flashlights from different generation

First generation flashlights: Features: tungsten filament bulb + alkaline battery, the first generation of flashlight, commonly known as the “old flashlights“, takes the surface of galvanized iron sheet as the shell. The bulb generally USES tungsten filament incandescent bulb, which has low luminous efficiency, short service life and is easy to be burnt out. The battery uses large alkaline battery with large capacity but low endurance. The case of the flashlight is made of galvanized iron with light weight but simple technology. Second generation flashlights: Features: bulb filled with protective gas + high performance battery. The second generation of flashlight, both in performance and appearance have a new breakthrough. A typical representative of the second generation of flashlights is the use of krypton bulb + alkaline battery, the lamp life is longer, the battery life is more lasting. Aluminum alloy as shell material, surface oxidation treatment process, fine technology, beautiful appearance, rich color, good texture. Another typical representative is the use of xenon bulb + lithium ion battery, bulb life longer, brightness greatly improved, higher color temperature, and put forward the concept of “tactical flashlight” for flashlight opened up a new market. Third generation flashlights: Feature: application of new luminous technology – LED(as above pictures). The color temperature has reached an unprecedented height, approaching or even exceeding the color temperature of white light, and the power consumption is lower. The most important feature of the third-generation flashlights is the use of LED bulbs, which have better reliability due to their own structure. Luminous mode also appeared on flashlight for the first time, once launched, very popular.

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Published by adminMar 12,2019

What’s the difference between bicycle lamp and flashlight

What’s the difference between bicycle lamp and flashlight Ride in night, does not require the light very far, to illuminate a large, low beam and should be obvious by the line, not to interference to the car, the requirement of equipment is high seismic performance, and may be used in the environment of the heavy rain, so have certain waterproof performance. Cycling at night, bicycle lights are very important.Before the introduction of professional bicycle lights, many people like to use strong light flashlights as a lighting tool. A manufacturer made a device specially used to fix strong light flashlights on bicycles, and many people still use this device to fix strong light flashlights as a night lighting tool. But strong light flashlight is flashlight after all, its original design of lighting use is mainly for walking lighting, household emergency lighting, standby hand lights in the car.Strong light flashlight has its unique characteristics, general use smooth focusing cup concentrated, shine out high brightness, the center has obvious at the center of the bright spot, center the relatively small bright spot, some do a good job can be done 20 meters when the irradiation center light spot diameter of 0.5 meters, because the concentrated cup concentrated, center light spot with the surrounding contrast is formed between the floodlight is very large.At the same time, because there is no obvious cut-off line, the flood of light to the height of the opposite person will feel very harsh.The beam of the flashlight is very concentrated, especially the light spot in the middle can reach a very dazzling degree of brightness (many high-light flashlight in the market can do);In other words, the bright areas are bright, but the area is small, and the surrounding dark areas are dark;Not only cannot see the reflection of clear object, bright and dark contrast is intense cause dazzle extremely easily and bring about dangerous happening.Just think in the narrow road with the car will, dazzling bright light into the eyes of the car driver, resulting in its inability to correctly judge your position, the consequences are unimaginable?Bike lights Most of the strong light flashlight is to use section 18650 battery, according to its lighting USES seismic performance requirements is not high, fixed cell device is spring, spring is fixed with a problem is encountered a shocker may contact with the battery bad from time to tome, causing jumping gears (a have a friend when riding bumps on the road met a flashlight jumping gears suddenly put out).All of the above characteristics indicate that strong light flashlight is not the best choice for night riding lighting. Ride to the requirement of lighting at night is better floodlight, light, does not require the very far, to illuminate a large, low beam and should be obvious by the line, not to interference to the car, the requirement of equipment is high seismic performance, because cycling is likely to encoun...

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Published by adminMar 11,2019

The best choice for road bike light in 2019

Most cyclists cycle regularly in the dark in road the fall and winter months, which makes cycle lights a necessity – but using them during the day is also a smart idea to help improve visibility. We need more information when we choose bicycle lights, but first here are some of our Suggestions. The lights you see highlight the road in front of you and are designed for cyclists who want to ride unlit roads.Bike lights are measured in lumens, and you need 700 lumens of anything, although a 1000+ will get you closer to summer speeds, because such a beam gives you more insight. At 700 lumens, this option is bright enough for unlit roads, and provides a 76-hour battery life for commuting modes as low as 15 lumens on major lit roads, instead of fully pressing 1.5 hours.The body frame twists 360 degrees, so you can point it in any direction, and the elastic seat is available for handlebars Exposure switch is a brand dedicated commuter light that provides all the lighting you need to see and see in an urban environment.Due to the 800 lumen’s high brightness output, riding on a dark country road is an ideal choice.Some laser lights help limit collisions at intersections by showing images of bikes on the road to warn cyclists of impending collisions.

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Published by adminMar 07,2019

Cycling can effect the health also can repair defects

Even people with a history of severe heart failure who cycling for 30 minutes a day for four months have new stem cells in their bones and more capillaries in their muscles, which help the heart repair itself. During exercise, the heart pumps 10 times the normal amount of blood to the muscles of the body, the researchers noted. In the process, the stem cells are automatically released, relieving pressure on the heart and repairing damaged parts. If you continue to exercise, even severely dead and blocked heart muscle can grow new blood vessels. The Chinese Confucius said, “the nature is similar, the practice is far away.” he divided human nature into nature and acquired.Zhang zai’s dualism of nature in the northern song dynasty divided human nature into temperament and destiny.Dialectical materialism holds that there is no transcendental human nature and transcendental distinction between good and evil, and that any realistic human nature is the result of the interaction between human subjectivity and objectivity on the basis of genetic factors in the social environment, in which human social practice has a decisive significance for the construction of human nature.In the western modern psychological field, there are three typical representatives: 1.(2) behaviorism to the other extreme, or natural instinct, that all human behavior, nature is acquired by the acquired, is the stimulation-response connection and systematization, is a kind of anti-instinct theory or environmental determinism;(3) humanistic psychology is against instinct determinism and against acquisition theory, argues that human nature is instinctive, namely human desire or basic needs in a appreciable extent is innate, but related to the behavior or ability is not innate, understanding or feeling, may be acquired through learning or performance or guide.Maslow believes that human nature is the sum total of all human attributes, and the seemingly instinctive need is the concentrated expression of human nature. Are you a woman with too much affection?Every night at 9:30, I will be here with you.If you like uncle night, you can share it with your friends. Good night! Before going to bed with you listen to the night Exercise is the only way to get heart disease patients back on their feet as there is no drug that can stimulate the production of new stem cells, researchers say. Regular cycling can even expand your heart.Otherwise, the blood vessels will become thinner and the heart will deteriorate. Later in life, you will experience the pains of it and discover how perfect cycling is. In fact, because cycling compresses the blood vessels, making the blood flow faster, the brain takes in more oxygen, so you take in more fresh air. Cycling is a sport that requires a lot of oxygen. There was once an old man who completed 460 kilometers of cycling in 6 days. “Older people should exercise at least three times a week to strengthen their hearts and restore norma...

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Published by adminMar 06,2019

Bicycles-Do you know how to use it longer

For a lot of bicycles, are inseparable from the maintenance of this link.Only their correct maintenance, the performance of the bicycle will be always maintained.The rider’s riding experience will also be improved. Many cyclists may feel that bike maintenance is nothing more than surface cleaning.Not really. The maintenance of a bicycles is not just about cleaning the surface.Only when you know the bicycle maintenance knowledge, the performance of the bicycles will be maintained. So in peacetime, how should we carry out maintenance, can be to maintain the performance of the bicycles, or to improve the life of the bicycles?The first is lubrication, for any mechanical parts, are inseparable from lubrication. For many novices, the lubrication of the bicycles is just the lubrication of the chain.Not only the chain lubrication, but also other parts of the lubrication is required.Lubrication is the most basic bicycles maintenance, but also to maintain the life of the most basic parts of a step. To lubricate the parts of a bicycle, we first have to find moving parts.The moving parts of a bicycle are not just chains, they are lubricated, like the wrist band and the center shaft. For different parts, the lubricating oil used is not the same.Like the wrist group these parts, are generally the use of grease maintenance.Because these often moving parts, it is necessary to reduce the relevant friction, can be to increase the life of the parts. If the chain is related to the maintenance, it is to use a thinner lubricant.Because the chain is completely exposed to the outside world, if it is to use too sticky grease for maintenance.Not only will it affect the performance of the chain, but also will make the chain with a lot of dust or other impurities. There is also the replacement of grease.If like the oil pressure fork, or is the use of oil pressure disc brake rider.It is not regular replacement of oil, because the use of a long time, the purity of oil will be different degrees of decline, thus affecting the performance of oil parts. Only regular maintenance of their own bicycles, different parts of the lubrication, can be to maintain the performance of the bicycle is to extend the life of the bicycle.I hope the above has been helpful to you.

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Published by adminMar 05,2019

Cycling-What benefits will it bring to us

What are the benefits of cycling? There are many ways to exercise, and now in life, men are more keen on sports, but in so many sports, which kind of exercise can bring benefits to themselves, many people still feel confused, then let’s analyze the several benefits of cycling. Develop the brain. Cycling is not only a physical exercise, but also a mental work. Because bicycle exercise is an ipsilateral exercise, it can improve the agility of the nervous system. Alternating pedaling between the two legs allows the development of left and right brain functions at the same time, and can effectively prevent premature aging and partial waste of the brain. Improve physical fitness. Because cycling can effectively exercise the muscles of the lower limbs and strengthen the body’s endurance. Moreover, the comparative study of the endurance exercise effect of bicycle exercise on internal organs is the same as that of swimming and running. Because this exercise can not only effectively exercise the lower limbs hip, knee, ankle 3 pairs of joints and 26 pairs of muscles, but also effectively mobilize the neck, back, arms, abdomen, waist, groin, buttocks, muscles, joints, ligaments. Maintaining the correct riding posture, long-term riding can significantly improve male sexual function and strengthen the strength and durability of the lower body erection. Slimming and losing weight. Cycling is aerobic exercise, can be adjusted * internal, effective to achieve calorie consumption, of course, if you want to achieve the purpose of weight loss to have enough endurance, persevere in the exercise will help you reach the ideal faster Effect。 Reduce stress. In addition to the regular cycling, you can also feel the mood, suitable for those overworked office workers to easily get rid of the constraints of stress, eliminate the frustration, and face the study and work with a better attitude. Using bicycle exercise, you can effectively help yourself and develop your brain to improve your physical fitness. It is also a good exercise method for people who want to lose weight and lose weight, but also remind male friends that the use of bicycles should not be too long. Avoid some adverse effects on men’s health.

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Published by adminMar 04,2019

How can a bike walk without rear wheels?

Bike are familiar vehicles in life. The bicycles we usually use are basically two wheels, and there are also unicycles and tricycles. It is not uncommon for people to say how special these things are, but have you seen bicycles without rear wheels? What should the car without the rear wheel do? In fact, this bicycle called Walking Bike, which was replaced by a mechanical bionic leg, was designed by a man named Carv. It took him seven months to make this bionic leg, which is quite like a spider. There is no. The part of the front is the same as an ordinary bicycle. The rear bionic mechanical legs are made of metal materials. The history of the parts has exceeded 450. Although it is not very smooth when walking, it is really admirable without the wheels. There are four mechanical legs behind, which can be arranged in a very orderly manner during the action. As long as the pedals of the bike are stepped on, the chain can drive the rear limbs and alternately move, the car can move around, except for this use. Metal-made, as well as purely used materials can also be produced, the principle of action is like. Don’t say that this step is burning, it is really different from the human fireworks. This bike speed is slow, in addition to attracting the eye, the actual effect is almost zero. However, this kind of mechanical production process is still very sci-fi, and forward-looking. Maybe the transportation afterwards can become a strange shape, and it can make people more interested in mechanical bionic technology.

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Published by adminFeb 26,2019

How to choose a bicycle with high daily riding comfort?

First, the choice of bicycle seat. First, it emphasizes a bit of misunderstanding: Some people use the spring seat of a regular bicycle to “feel” more comfortable, why? Because this kind of comfort is based on the diarrhea force, Imagine that every step of your foot is transferred to the spring of the ordinary bicycle seat cushion, and some of it is shed. I believe that readers are not too strange for the types of rear shock absorbers. They are roughly divided into spring type and pneumatic type. Spring type is a metal spring with a compression elastic body. The most used one is the steel spring, but the steel spring is Quite cumbersome, it is not right for the lightweight family, so the spring also tries different materials. The titanium spring is the best lightweight. Many high-end rear shock absorbers (such as the fifth element of PROGRESSIVE) have titanium. Third, the frame size Each person’s length, length, and length are different. However, most of today’s frames can be adjusted to the most suitable riding position by adjusting the front and rear of the seat, the height and the hand, and making some minor adjustments. Picking the right size at the height, and then “fine-tuning” the seat or faucet and handle to match the length of the individual’s hands and feet is the most correct, and pick the unsuitable frame, then “replace” the seat or faucet, handle, to comply with the individual Height and length of hands and feet are the end of the game. In the daily bicycle riding, while riding the fun, comfort can not be ignored. For comfort, in addition to paying attention to whether the bicycle itself has a shock absorber, whether the seat cushion is soft, the frame size is suitable, and so on. ——-You know what?

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Published by adminFeb 25,2019

Do you know what is the fastest bike in the world?

Bikes are popular with people for their low-carbon and environmental protection, but the speed of bikes is a fatal flaw. However, under the guidance of science, the world’s fastest bicycle has been introduced, with a speed of 125 kilometers per hour and neither oil nor electricity. When bicycles became popular in southern Germany and France in the early 19th century, it became the first tool to promote private transportation. Personal mobility is one of the highest demands of the globalized world. The streets are full of car sports cars and bikes. Because of the relatively slow speed of bikes, people only choose this vehicle during their free time. However, we can’t deny the importance of bicycles in environmental protection. In order to make bikes more choices, a group of foreign college students successfully produced bicycles with a speed of 125 kilometers per hour. They have made a unique change in the appearance of bicycles. Like a walking eggshell, the pedals and seats are mounted inside the casing, and the rider is in a curved semi-recumbent position, using pedals such as the front and rear to provide driving power. In order to optimize the current ecological environment and air, they adopt the aerodynamic principle. The streamlined design makes the air resistance 20 times smaller than usual. A liquid crystal screen is installed in the car, and the surrounding road conditions can be monitored at any time. Fast enough speeds to use the world’s best hardware to really increase speed without consuming fuel or power. This magical Bikes has caused a sensation abroad since its inception. Many people feel that this speed is speeding at a high speed, but the experience does have an unusual feeling that both the speed of green travel and the requirements of people.It’s all a surprise invention

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