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How to prolong the span of batteries

175 views Published by admin Mar 17,2021

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With the progress of science technology, however,mobile phones, flashlights and other equipment are also we need to concentrate on the problem how to prolong the batteries span.


Temperature characteristics: temperature is related to the charging speed of the battery, and the change of temperature will affect the change of charging performance.

Storage temperature: under normal circumstances, the normal storage temperature of the rechargeable battery is -20~65℃. When the temperature drops below -20℃, the electrolyte in the battery will solidify, and the internal resistance of the battery will become so large that the current can not enter, resulting in the battery can not be used.

When the temperature is above +65℃, the electrolyte will produce a large amount of gas, and the resin adhesive on the electrode will deteriorate, leading to the gradual aging and decline of the whole battery, or even failure in a short time

Charging temperature: Charging temperature is generally 0~45℃.

Discharge temperature: Under normal circumstances, electric battery usually discharges before leaving the factory to prevent short circuit caused by impact or other reasons during transportation.Usually, the new battery does not charge or contains only about 20 percent of the charge.

New batteries or batteries that have not been used for a long time may not be fully activated due to active substances, and they typically require two to three small current (0.1C) charging-discharge cycles to reach their rated capacity before use.Batteries that are not used for a long time should be stored in a state of charge. Generally, they can be pre-charged with 50% or 100% charge after storage.It is recommended to charge every three months to restore its full capacity.

Notes for battery use:

1.Do not burn or remove the battery, as the chemicals inside the battery are harmful to your health.

2. Do not pull out the lead or plug of the battery, so as not to damage the solder joints and connecting parts.

3. Batteries of different types cannot be mixed.

4. Different types of battery welding, welding connector, etc.

5. After the battery is completely discharged, the charging time should be extended to saturation.

6. Please store the battery in a cool, ventilated and dry place

7. Do not store a large number of batteries densely when the battery is charged or half full.

8. Keep away from the fire and do not come into contact with corrosive gases or liquids, which may cause damage to the battery.


Everyone outdoor sports enthusiasts must distinguish between disposable batteries and secondary batteries, one-time batteries are not rechargeable, secondary batteries can be recharged.

In the wild, some new friends travelling with you will be in some state without water、 electricity, so it’s essential for us  learn to maintain the battery, prolong its life and time, make our outdoor activities more convenient!

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