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How to breath more scientific when riding

150 views Published by admin Mar 10,2021

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When riding we must concentrate on much details such as pedalling the bike,or braking,virable speed,bicycle steering and so on.but it’s especially crucial that is our breath which can’t be ignored.Many people ride a bike, wheezing hush, out of breath, heart rate become fast, hard pedal also can’t make the force, like this with your breathing has an impact, the reason, a very important is – breathing.breath

Many people may doubt that breath is just breath in or out whether it’s necessary to study as a natural ability.Maybe,As the bike hobby sportman,the answer is Yes.

Correct breathing + proper pedal frequency = free riding!

Here is a brief introduction to abdominal breathing, which is helpful for cycling.

Abdominal breathing

Correct abdomen type breathing method is: begin to inhale the whole body to exert oneself, right now lung and abdomen will be full of air and summon up, but still cannot stop, still want to make every effort to continue to inhale, no matter have inhale into air, just inhale again inhale.Then hold your breath for four seconds, as your body becomes tense, and slowly exhale for eight seconds.Exhale slowly and long without interruption.After doing this a few times, instead of feeling sad, you’ll get a feeling of euphoria.In fact, by measuring your brain waves during breathing, you can see that when you inhale, you roar when you hold your breath, and when you exhale, alpha waves continue to appear.In other words, holding your breath makes alpha waves more likely to appear.

When you do abdominal breathing, activity of the diaphragm, it will infiltrate blood vessels and lymphatic vessels from the cell, remove the toxins of reactive oxygen species, promote blood circulation.In addition, do abdominal breathing can make the abdominal organs, all can be stimulated by the rhythm of breathing.The stimulation travels through the nerves to the brain as a self-regulating signal for the gentle rhythm of breathing, and the brain becomes an alpha state after receiving the stimulation.

However, most people live with only shallow breathing (chest breathing), so only one third of their lungs are used, and the other two thirds of their lungs are covered with old air.If you use abdominal breathing (breathing awareness), the lungs can be fully used.AbDOMinal breathing allows the body to get the full function of the gas, but also to take in more oxygen.In this way, it can purify the blood and promote the activity of brain cells.

In other words, breathing slowly and deeply under the consciousness is one of the most effective ways to create alpha waves.Belly breathing keeps brain waves below 12 Hertz, which is when alpha waves are most likely to occur in brain physiology, and increases the production of the brain hormone endorphin, which AIDS creativity.

It turns out that when riding a bicycle, breathing this small action, a small detail that doesn’t deserve people’s attention, there are also so much attention, and so much philosophy ah!It seems that when riding a bicycle, we also have to master the important link of breathing.

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