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What is the Twelve Zodiac of China?

151 views Published by admin Feb 23,2021

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The twelve zodiac signs, also called zodiac signs, are twelve animals in China and the twelve territories that match the year of human birth, including rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The Ganzhi epoch method uses the combination of “ten heavenly stems” and “twelve earthly branches” to represent the serial numbers of the year, month, and day, with a cycle of sixty years. In order to facilitate the memory of the folks, the ancients also specially designed 12 kinds of animals (“12 Chinese Zodiac”) and “12 Earth Branches” to match each other. The zodiac signs correspond to the twelve earthly branches, and each zodiac sign represents one year old.

Twelve Zodiac

The twelve zodiac signs are the visual representatives of the twelve earthly branches, namely Zi (rat), Chou (ox), Yin (tiger), Mao (rabbit), Chen (dragon), Si (snake), Wu (horse), Wei ( Sheep), Shen (monkey), You (chicken), Xu (dog), Hai (pig). With the development of history, it has gradually merged into the folk belief concept of mutual generation and mutual restraint, which is manifested in marriage, life, and year fortune. Each zodiac has rich legends, and forms a conceptual interpretation system and becomes an image in folk culture. Philosophy, such as zodiac signs on marriage, temple prayers, natal year, etc. In modern times, more people regard the Chinese zodiac as a mascot for the Spring Festival and a symbol of entertainment and cultural activities.

The origin of the Chinese zodiac is related to animal worship.

Twelve Zodiac

Ben Ming Nian is your birth sign year or zodiac year. As shown above,if you are born in 1949, your Ben Ming Nian is the Ox year. You will encounter your birth sign year every 12 years. 2021 is the Year of the Ox, so it is your Ben Ming Nian!

You may expect to be lucky in your Ben Ming Nian as this is your year. However, the truth is quite opposite to what you had expected. According to Chinese astrology, people in their zodiac year are believed to offend Tai Sui and will have bad luck during that year.

Don’t worry, wearing red is the best way to protect yourself from evil spirits and get good luck during your zodiac year!

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