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Hike equipment necessary for the first hiking you need

234 views Published by admin Nov 06,2020

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7 pieces of equipment necessary for the first hike when many people talk about tourism, they will choose self-driving tour, thinking it saves time and effort, but if it is a tourist, why should people be anxious, and feel it with their heart, go on a walking tour, and appreciate the beauty of the world.

Trekking is a unique fitness exercise method in outdoor activities. For those who start long-distance trekking for the first time, certain necessary preparations must be made in advance to ensure their own safety. Therefore, the next recommendation from netizens You have to bring the 7 kinds of equipment for you!

Hiking shoes
“A thousand miles begins with a single step”. To start a hiking tour, you should work hard on the soles of your feet first. It is very important to choose a pair of shoes that suit you for hike.

A good pair of hiking shoes can not only prevent damage to your ankles, but also give you any sense of belonging in your heart. So how should a good pair of hike shoes choose?

(1) First of all, people should decide which shoes to choose based on your hiking route, compressive strength and topography. Due to different natural geography and topography, the rules for shoes are different.

(2) Long-distance reinstallation of shoes has very strong uppers, suitable for carrying capacity objects and taking long-distance difficult and dangerous new roads; while short-distance light shoes are relatively light and easy to walk, and the uppers are not thick, so they are suitable for bearing small quantities of objects. Smooth road.

(3) For those who are hiking for the first time, the editor recommends choosing as much as possible themed activities with low compressive strength in short and medium distances, which can arouse interest in hiking, and it is not easy to be too fatigued.

Many students who are traveling on foot for the first time feel that there is no need to deliberately buy a travel backpack, just a backpack with a capacity can hold enough items. I think this view is incorrect.

Generally, backpacks have insufficient levels, and the items are piled together. It is very inconvenient to pour all the backpacks out to find them. Therefore, the effective way for people is to buy this fitness sports backpack.

The compartments of the fitness sports backpack can be divided into black and white, which can distribute the items in an orderly manner. At the same time, for those who choose to hike for the first time, the backpack does not need to be large, it is best to choose a medium-sized backpack, and the shoulder straps are not necessary. It’s too long, it’s best to match it with your own size.

Quick-drying clothes
For fashion athletes, quick-drying clothes are very commonly used. The key choice is chemical fiber fabrics. Clothes made with a variety of basic principles of physics can digest and absorb the sweat discharged from the body, and then arrange it on the clothes and pants. Outside, according to the actual effect of volatile water vapor exceeding a lot of sweat and quick drying.

I think many people know that when you travel outdoors, you must carry things like flashlights with you to find directions at night or build outdoor tents. But the editor wants you to strongly recommend an item that is a thousand times more harmful than a flashlight. If it is a headlight, it can facilitate you to do a lot of other things with your hands.

The light of the headlamp is brighter than that of a flashlight, and the distance between direct shots is far, and the power consumption is longer.

There is a small trick to buy headlights, that is, it is best to choose light and not heavy. It is not easy to cause any burden when placed on the top of the head, and it is not easy to delay other things.

It also feels very happy, and if you encounter a risk, you can open its help method to help you get rid of the dilemma!

Sports knee pads
The most sensitive area of ​​the human hand is the joint, especially in the knee joint. Usually, clothing, food, housing and transportation bear most of the work pressure. If you travel on foot, it must be carefully maintained by people, so sports knee pads are very necessary.

There are two kinds of instructions for sports knee pads. One is to put it in jeans, so that the knee joint is more easily subject to the movement, and it is inseparable to maintain the knee joint.

Trekking poles
When your knee joints are not strong enough, you must prepare a trekking pole in advance, especially in mountainous routes, it is very reasonable to use it to reduce the damage of the joints.

In the design of trekking poles, the grip and tip are the most important. Commonly used grip materials are cork board, vulcanized rubber and foam.

Water bag

Water is an indispensable key chemical substance for humans. According to scientific research, if I don’t want to eat, I can live for about 1 to 6 months only by consuming my own kinetic energy, and it will be difficult to survive 5 days without drinking too much water. Therefore, when you travel on foot for the first time, you must prepare mountain spring water in advance, so what kind of utensils should people choose to hold the water?

Pick a teapot? No! The teapot occupies a lot of indoor space, and will occupy most of the indoor space in the backpack;
Pick a cup? No! Every time I drink water, press the cork again and close the outer cap again. This is too inconvenient and will consume a lot of time.

The most suitable one is the water bag. Not only can it be easily retractable, but the actual operation is also simple and convenient. It can only be used with one hand or with teeth. It is a must-have item for traveling!

What equipment do I need for personal hike? Long-distance hike equipment list


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