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Epidemic situation bring us some impact and thoughts

37 views Published by admin Aug 25,2020

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COVID-19 is a world war without fire. The virus that fell from the sky caused panic among people. Faced with this unexpected new coronary pneumonia, everyone’s life has been affected. We wear masks, run away from the crowd, can’t go out, can’t go to school, can’t meet with friends, many of us cannot help ourselves. The epidemic came suddenly this time, some people left and some recovered. Behind each number is the misfortune or luck of a family. The epidemic this time was sudden, terrifying, and panic, but to be precise, it was chaotic.

After the outbreak, the harm has been obvious: this is the human tragedy that has hit the global economy the most since World War II. It soon overwhelmed the health systems of all countries, whether developed or developing countries are spared. The resulting society And the economic impact will be unprecedented. Especially in relatively poor and backward countries, this epidemic is undoubtedly worse, their health systems are weak, the supply of key medical supplies is in short supply, the economy lacks resilience and is heavily dependent on trade. They may soon fall into an ambush on all sides and encounter a health, economic, and social disaster that will affect the whole world.

With the chaos brought about by the epidemic, it seems that people all over the world have stepped into an unknown water together, and the changes that emerge every day are testing how we respond and make adjustments. The world is facing huge challenges, and the epidemic will also bring mental stress to people. Fear and anxiety about new diseases and what might happen can be overwhelming and trigger strong emotions in adults and children. Some public health measures, such as maintaining social distance, can make people feel isolated and lonely, and increase stress and anxiety. stress during an infectious disease outbreak can sometimes cause the following:
1. Fear and worry about the health, financial situation or job of oneself and loved ones, or loss of support services on which they depend.
2.Changes in sleep or eating habits.
3. Difficulty falling asleep or concentrating.
4. Deteriorating chronic health problems.
5. Deterioration of mental health.
6. Increase the use of tobacco and/or alcohol and other drugs.

The past “normal” suddenly disappeared. No one knows when this state will end? Or, what will it become next?

From this incident. We have to start to examine ourselves. Regulatory action is a test of people’s awareness of self-control. All kinds of changes are taking place, and I hope everyone can make progress after experiencing this baptism of God to us. We live under the same beautiful sky, and we have the same heart that prays for beauty.


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