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30 views Published by admin Aug 24,2020

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First of all, we must clarify a concept. Hunting activities must bring a flashlight, which is mainly used to search for prey after being hit and to illuminate the way home when it is dark. Prey hit, or used to search for potential prey. Animals are very sensitive to light sources. Very few mammals have phototaxis. If a light source suddenly appears in a dark natural environment, most animals will be frightened and will instinctively avoid them. I know that some hunting uses high-lumen headlights mounted on the roof of the car to illuminate the prey at night. The prey covered by the strong light may have disabling reactions. Small animals such as hedgehogs, rabbits and foxes are especially obvious, and they will stay still under strong light. Do not move or turn in circles, and then hunters can even catch prey with their hands. But this kind of behavior is firstly boring and not fun; secondly, it is strictly prohibited in some countries. Therefore, generally speaking, hunters will not use flashlights as a means or a way to assist in hunting animals, but only used to search for prey after being hit or to illuminate while traveling.


In Canada, the government almost does not allow night hunting, except in extreme cases. Some old hunters even go out without a flashlight because they find it troublesome. These old guns are very organized and don’t think about leaving the forest until dark, so they don’t use flashlights. In addition, I asked Mark, a veteran, and he said that when hunting for the past 20 years, how can there be the concept of EDC flashlight? The most common is the L-shaped military green torch. There are not many white light. After the battery is installed, the weight is amazing. Throwing it out can smash the bear. Therefore, when the older Orion wants to be a little lazy, first Throw aside the flashlight. So when they teach novices, they don’t know the content of hunting flashlights in detail. Today, the size, weight and brightness of the flashlight have been significantly changed. EDC flashlights with large palms can be bought at a price of about 300 yuan in the market. If you need to buy a flashlight suitable for hunting , Please follow the following principles.


First, the volume cannot be very large. When hunting, the main purpose of our hunting suits is to cover up the smell of humans. There are not many pockets on the hunting suits, and the pockets and zippers are not always open. Therefore, the equipment to be used is basically on the belt, or In the backpack. Then, if you bring a large flashlight, such as the long strip police flashlight commonly seen in movies, the portability will be greatly reduced. I recommend choosing a flashlight that can be held together in one hand and does not exceed the length of your palm based on your palm. Of course, the headlamp style is also very convenient, but the neck will be more sore after wearing it for a long time. Different people have different opinions, I think the handheld is more flexible.

Second, don’t pursue high lumen too much. High-luminance flashlights are more suitable for urban patrols, outdoor adventures and other occasions, and can create a very bright field of vision in open places. The hunting environment is generally not very empty. If you hold a high-lumen flashlight in the woods, you will immediately find that the brightness is a bit excessive. If this is a flashlight with non-adjustable lumens, your eyes will be very tired after half an hour of continuous use. I think about 500 lumens is enough, no matter how high it is, it is not necessary.


Third, try to choose a rechargeable type, the battery life at maximum brightness should not be less than 3 hours, and the battery life at 100 lumens should not be less than 12 hours. I said at the beginning that after hitting the prey, we may use a flashlight to track the prey. Then, if the position of the gun in the prey is not ideal, the entire search process will last 3-5 hours, which will test the battery life of the flashlight. Ability. Some people think that using a flashlight with a replacement battery lasts longer. Yes, if you can, use a flashlight with a replaceable rechargeable battery.


Fourth, choose a flashlight with special light. If you want to buy a flashlight with green, red and blue light, it is best. In some countries, night hunting is allowed. At this time, if the flashlight has a red light function, you can use it, because the red light will not affect the night vision ability of the human eye. After you turn off the red light flashlight , There will be no short-term blindness. Please consider the red flashlight first when night hunting is used for wayfinding lighting. Some animals are not sensitive to green light. The human retina contains two types of photosensitive tissues: pyramidal cells and rod cells. Pyramidal cells distinguish colors, and rod cells distinguish contours. The reason why people can produce the sensation of color is precisely because of the cone cells that exist in the retina. Many animals only have rod cells or only a few pyramidal cells, resulting in insensitivity to color or even no color vision. Many prey are such animals, which are particularly insensitive to green light. When hunting at night, they can use a green flashlight to sweep them unscrupulously, greatly improving the efficiency of hunting. If your flashlight has blue light, the bloodstains of animals will show a clearer outline under the irradiation of blue light, especially the bloodstains that seep into the soil, which are not easy to find with the naked eye, and can be clearly revealed with the aid of blue light. Using this feature of blue light, tracking the bloodstains of injured prey will be more effective.


The most important point is that it must be very durable, and it must not be bought back. Not easy to break is my first requirement when choosing any equipment.

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