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Correct riding posture

114 views Published by admin Oct 11,2019

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During the riding process, it is necessary to scientifically and reasonably regulate the movements. Otherwise, it is easy to cause physical damage.

1,Cushion angle. Generally, the seat cushion needs to be installed horizontally, or the front end is slightly lower, but try not to tilt the front end. Some people often feel numbness after riding the car, the main reason is the pressure of the seat. At this time, you need to check whether your seat cushion is level. You can even adjust the nose of the seat cushion slightly downwards. This can reduce the wear on the underarm area. The most scientific method is to stand for a period of time after a ride or a few minutes off the buttocks. This method is especially suitable for downhill use. The most effective way is to wear a padded pants. Combined with sliding, the damage to the perineum can be reduced to almost nowhere.


2, the height of the cushion. The height of the cushion is not suitable. There will be knee pain after long-distance riding. Most of the time, the knee injury will not be restored. The doctor can only help you keep the condition from worsening. You need to pay attention to the height of the cushion. Keeping the correct posture is not Will damage the joints. The most suitable height for the seat: When the ankle reaches the lowest point, the leg can be straightened without difficulty, the knee can be bent, but when the leg is slightly stretched, the knee can be slightly bent, just fine; This allows the blood to pass through the knee during cycling. Of course, if you are not accustomed to the new bicycle, and are not used to adjusting the seat cushion too high, you can lower it first, then slowly raise it again, and everything is safe.


3, the posture of the back and neck. The back of the ride needs to be straight, but not vertical. It is forward and straight. It should be tilted from the buttocks, not the waist or the back chest. Otherwise it will become a wok or shrimp—-not just for good looks. It is even more necessary to keep the spine as straight as possible, otherwise it will be unbearable after a long ride. The neck is naturally straight, don’t be too low or too stiff, otherwise the neck will be sour —– If you feel the neck is lower and your head is comfortable, then you need to rest, go to rest as soon as possible.


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