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The advantages of cycling

118 views Published by admin Oct 03,2019

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Cycling is one of the most endurable aerobic exercises that improves people’s heart and lung function. In foreign countries, cycling fitness can be said to be in full swing.


The results of modern sports medicine research show that the main effects of cycling are:


  1. Develop the brain. Because cycling is an ipsilateral exercise, it can increase the agility of the nervous system. Alternating pedaling between the two legs allows the development of left and right brain functions at the same time, and can effectively prevent premature aging and partial waste of the brain.


  1. Improve physical fitness. Because cycling can effectively exercise the muscles of the lower limbs and strengthen the body’s endurance. Moreover, the comparative study of the endurance exercise effect of bicycle exercise on internal organs is the same as that of swimming and running. Because this exercise can not only effectively exercise the lower limbs hips, knees, knees, 3 pairs of joints and 26 pairs of muscles, but also effectively mobilize the neck, back, arms, abdomen, waist, groin, buttocks, muscles, joints, ligaments. Maintaining the correct riding posture, long-term riding can significantly improve male sexual function and strengthen the strength and durability of erection. A special survey showed that people who ride a bicycle about 6.5 kilometers a day are 50% less likely to suffer from coronary artery disease than those who do not, and men have an erection time and an erection quality increase of 30%-70%.


  1. Slimming and losing weight. Because during the cycling exercise, the human body performs periodic aerobic exercise, so that the exerciser can effectively consume more heat. According to scientific research, the bicycle can burn about 150 calories and 75 kilograms of weight when riding a bicycle for half an hour. People, when they ride 73 miles per hour at a speed of 9 miles and a half, can reduce their weight by half a kilogram, but they must be persevered every day, and they can receive significant weight loss for a long time.


  1. Longevity and longevity. In fact, it can be seen from the summary of the benefits of cycling. Bicycle exercise is a kind of exercise that strengthens cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary functions. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is possible to prolong life to a certain extent. According to the survey of the relevant international committees, among the various professionals in the world, the postman who uses bicycle as the main postal tool has the longest life.


  1. relieve pressure. In addition to the above effects, some scientists pointed out that regular exercise is beneficial to alleviate psychological stress and prevent depression. Especially when riding outdoors, people are mentally focused, and they can enjoy some scenery along the way. They can also meet like-minded friends and confidants. These are all good ways to relax.


Everything has a degree, and sports are no exception. Once the ride is excessive or the method is unscientific, the above benefits will soon turn into the other side, and the so-called excessive, on the one hand, is that the riding time is too long, the riding strength is too large, and the riding is unscientific. Mainly related to the riding posture. The most obvious symptom of the bad is pain. The most obvious parts are: hands, wrists, cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, knee joints, prostate.


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