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How to grease the chain

156 views Published by admin Aug 21,2019

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A chain is one of the most basic components of a bicycle. It conveys the strength of your legs to the wheels to generate forward momentum.But do you know how to maintain it,How to grease the chain,This is a crucial step.

How to choose chain oil?How to choose what kind of oil?

It depends on the environment you’re riding in.For example, in wet or dry environments, in addition to moisture, dust and sand also have an impact.

Therefore, we suggest that after cleaning the chain, the chain oil needs to be added according to the riding environment.

What chain oil fits your chain?

The choice of chain oil is largely a matter of personal preference. One thing to be aware of, of course, is not to use a lubricant such as WD 40 as a chain oil, as it will remove the original oil added to the joints.

The choice of the best lubricating oil and the frequency of oiling, depends on the operating environment.A good rule of thumb is to use a thicker oil when wet and wet, as it is more likely to stick to the surface of the chain to form a protective film.

In a dry, dusty environment it is necessary to use a low viscosity oil, so as not to dust and dirt.

How to clean the chain properly?

Step 1: clean

Before adding the chain oil you need to clean the dirt on the chain and thoroughly clean the surface of the chain, every joint, tension gear and flywheel with an old cloth.


Never use degreasing or any strong acid or alkali detergents, as these will wash away the grease in the joints, and we once wondered if we should use a professional chain washer, which we later decided was unnecessary.


Step 2: apply chain oil

Now that the transmission system has been cleaned, you need to oil it again.Important: do not oil the chain above the chain, as that is not where the flywheel is most in contact.


Step 3: remove excess grease

The more oil, the better, is a myth, because too much oil tends to trap more dust and dirt and increase chain wear.

After oiling, wait 5 minutes for it to fully penetrate the interior, turn the drive system several times, and then wipe off excess grease with a dry cloth.


Finally, if you have any questions and want to consult us, please feel free to come to our store at any time:

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