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cycling travel of tips

67 views Published by admin Jul 08,2019

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First, the first part cycling travel of tips

1.riding is to ride a bicycle to play, do not ride a bicycle to travel.

2.The touring station wagon is better than the mountain bike, and the mountain bike is better than the road bike

3.Folding car is very convenient and suitable for travelling by car and cycling.

4.Before you start your ride, give your bike a great workout.

5.The more expensive the bike, the better, but two or three thousand yuan can still ride to Tibet.

cycling travel of tips

Then comes the second part cycling travel of tips

6.27.5 is very popular, but 26 is still mainstream, road maintenance and other more convenient.

7. some people say V brake is more suitable for long-distance cycling, because the structure is simple and convenient for maintenance, but now the entry mountain bike is equipped with disc brake, disc brake is not as complex and fragile as you think.

8.Tire repair is a necessary skill for cycling, not one of them.

9. the car encountered problems, timely maintenance, do not think about compromise, will not only affect the riding experience, but also may make the bicycle scrapped.

10.Watch your bike while you ride, don’t let thieves steal it.

cycling travel of tips

And then the third part cycling travel of tips

11.riding is not a trip to go, please prepare in advance.

12.Road books are very important, do it.

13.Rely on maps for navigation, not total dependence

14.Do proper cycling training before riding, so that you can adapt to the heavy riding.

15.have a reliable partner, the best.

cycling travel of tips

This is followed by the fourth part cycling travel of tips

16.Can ride with strangers, but also to prevent being cheated.

17.waterproof is a very important thing on the way to ride, we must do it well.

18.Pack is more practical than backpack.

19. Read the cycling notes of your route in advance for reference.

20. Preparation before riding includes strategy preparation, equipment preparation, physical preparation, and more importantly, psychological preparation. Are you really ready?

21, cycling do not litter, spit and urinate.

cycling travel of tips

Finally, the fifth part cycling travel of tips

22.Obey traffic rules, ride safely and in a civilized way.

23.Bicycles are not allowed on the highway, really not.

24.try not to ride at night, heavy rain hot weather cycling.

25. uphill is very tired, downhill is very cool, but more dangerous, pay attention to speed.

26.when leaving your residence in the morning, please check for anything missing.

27.Ride not to move, rest, cart is not a disgrace.

28.Respect local customs and habits.

29.Riding is not only riding, but also swimming, have fun.

30.Don’t forget to wear a helmet, many people who ride long distances don’t wear one.

31.Please call your family every day during the ride.

32.take photos, but do not take photos in cycling, do not take photos in dangerous places.

33.No matter how good the phone is, I’m afraid there is no electricity.

34.with a spare tire, with a repair tool, if you forget to bring a pump that is embarrassing, with the mouth blowing?

35.Riding is not how fast you ride, but how far you can ride.

36.A lot of riding routes, don’t always stare at the sichuan Tibetan line.

37.quit cycling is not desirable, don’t impulse.

38.Cycling can save money, food and housing must be good.

39.everyone’s pursuit is not the same, some people like to ride a bike to find abuse, some people like to ride a leisure ride, like yourself, don’t point at random others riding.

40.Ride farther, but also remember the way home!

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