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Tips and Methods for Bicycle Tire Maintenance

63 views Published by admin Jun 27,2019

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Bicycle tires are in contact with and rubbed against the ground all the time, so the maintenance of bicycle tires is very important.

It’s hot, don’t expose to the sun

If the bicycle is placed in a place with strong sunlight for a long time, the ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight will cause the tire to age.


Proper tire pressure

Many friends who know more about the car will look at the tire pressure when they are cheering on the tires. However, more novice friends are looking at the feelings. Of course, it is OK to ride.

In the summer heat, the gas must not be too much, or it is easy to puncture. There is also too much to play, no matter what time you are, even if you are still angry, you are still riding a bicycle. This is a fatal injury to the tires.

It’s not good to beat too much, too much expansion, affecting the lifespan.


Multi-cleaning of the tire surface


Cleaning and maintenance of bicycles is something everyone will do, but many people will ignore the cleaning of bicycle tires.During the riding process, the tires are likely to stick to dirt and sharp objects. It is very important to clean them regularly. First to use a brush, then the water is washed, especially clean.


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