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The History of LED light development

37 views Published by admin Mar 20,2019

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In 1998, white LED light was successfully developed. To general illume character, people needs white illuminant more. The LED light is made of GaN chip and yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) encapsulated together.GaN chip emitting blue light (lambda p =465nm, Wd=30nm), high-temperature sintered YAG phosphors containing Ce3+ emit yellow light after stimulated by this blue light, with a peak value of 550nm.The blue LED substrate is mounted in a bowl-shaped reflecting chamber and covered with a thin layer of resin mixed with YAG, about 200-500nm. Part of the blue light from the LED light substrate is absorbed by the phosphor, and part of the blue light is mixed with the yellow light from the phosphor to get white light.For InGaN/YAG white LED light, white light with color temperature of 3500-10000k can be obtained by changing the chemical composition of YAG phosphor powder and adjusting the thickness of phosphor powder layer.

LED light

From the discovery of LED light effect in 1907 to the official invention of LED by shuji nakamura in 1993, to the official commercial use of 1W LED lamp in 1999, LED experienced nearly a hundred years of development.Until then, people had been using incandescent light bulbs, invented by Thomas Edison in the last century. Incandescent light bulbs waste most of their energy in heat, and about 90 percent of their electricity is wasted.

The appearance of LED light lamps has greatly reduced the power required for lighting. The same wattage of LED lamps requires only 1/10 of the power of incandescent bulbs. At the same time, LED light has the advantages of long life, environmental protection and maintenance-free.  In 2012, the Chinese government announced a total ban on the sale and import of incandescent lamps with over 100 watts for general lighting.

As the Nobel Prize in physics put it: “incandescent light bulbs illuminate the 20th century, while led will illuminate the 21st.

LED light

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