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Cycling can effect the health also can repair defects

52 views Published by admin Mar 07,2019

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Even people with a history of severe heart failure who cycling for 30 minutes a day for four months have new stem cells in their bones and more capillaries in their muscles, which help the heart repair itself.


During exercise, the heart pumps 10 times the normal amount of blood to the muscles of the body, the researchers noted.

In the process, the stem cells are automatically released, relieving pressure on the heart and repairing damaged parts.

If you continue to exercise, even severely dead and blocked heart muscle can grow new blood vessels.


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Exercise is the only way to get heart disease patients back on their feet as there is no drug that can stimulate the production of new stem cells, researchers say.

Regular cycling can even expand your heart.Otherwise, the blood vessels will become thinner and the heart will deteriorate. Later in life, you will experience the pains of it and discover how perfect cycling is.


In fact, because cycling compresses the blood vessels, making the blood flow faster, the brain takes in more oxygen, so you take in more fresh air.

Cycling is a sport that requires a lot of oxygen. There was once an old man who completed 460 kilometers of cycling in 6 days.

“Older people should exercise at least three times a week to strengthen their hearts and restore normal function,” he said.You should make your heart beat hard, but not too long.

Cycling also prevents high blood pressure, sometimes more than drugs.Still can prevent get fat, blood-vessel sclerosis, make bone strong half.

You don’t have to take drugs to stay healthy, and it won’t do you any harm.

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