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How can a bike walk without rear wheels?

66 views Published by admin Mar 04,2019

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Bike are familiar vehicles in life. The bicycles we usually use are basically two wheels, and there are also unicycles and tricycles. It is not uncommon for people to say how special these things are, but have you seen bicycles without rear wheels?


What should the car without the rear wheel do? In fact, this bicycle called Walking Bike, which was replaced by a mechanical bionic leg, was designed by a man named Carv. It took him seven months to make this bionic leg, which is quite like a spider. There is no. The part of the front is the same as an ordinary bicycle. The rear bionic mechanical legs are made of metal materials. The history of the parts has exceeded 450. Although it is not very smooth when walking, it is really admirable without the wheels.


There are four mechanical legs behind, which can be arranged in a very orderly manner during the action. As long as the pedals of the bike are stepped on, the chain can drive the rear limbs and alternately move, the car can move around, except for this use. Metal-made, as well as purely used materials can also be produced, the principle of action is like. Don’t say that this step is burning, it is really different from the human fireworks.


This bike speed is slow, in addition to attracting the eye, the actual effect is almost zero. However, this kind of mechanical production process is still very sci-fi, and forward-looking. Maybe the transportation afterwards can become a strange shape, and it can make people more interested in mechanical bionic technology.

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