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How to choose a bicycle with high daily riding comfort?

48 views Published by admin Feb 26,2019

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First, the choice of bicycle seat.

First, it emphasizes a bit of misunderstanding: Some people use the spring seat of a regular bicycle to “feel” more comfortable, why? Because this kind of comfort is based on the diarrhea force, Imagine that every step of your foot is transferred to the spring of the ordinary bicycle seat cushion, and some of it is shed.


I believe that readers are not too strange for the types of rear shock absorbers. They are roughly divided into spring type and pneumatic type. Spring type is a metal spring with a compression elastic body. The most used one is the steel spring, but the steel spring is Quite cumbersome, it is not right for the lightweight family, so the spring also tries different materials. The titanium spring is the best lightweight. Many high-end rear shock absorbers (such as the fifth element of PROGRESSIVE) have titanium.


Third, the frame size

Each person’s length, length, and length are different. However, most of today’s frames can be adjusted to the most suitable riding position by adjusting the front and rear of the seat, the height and the hand, and making some minor adjustments. Picking the right size at the height, and then “fine-tuning” the seat or faucet and handle to match the length of the individual’s hands and feet is the most correct, and pick the unsuitable frame, then “replace” the seat or faucet, handle, to comply with the individual Height and length of hands and feet are the end of the game.


In the daily bicycle riding, while riding the fun, comfort can not be ignored. For comfort, in addition to paying attention to whether the bicycle itself has a shock absorber, whether the seat cushion is soft, the frame size is suitable, and so on. ——-You know what?

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