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Do you know what is the fastest bike in the world?

88 views Published by admin Feb 25,2019

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Bikes are popular with people for their low-carbon and environmental protection, but the speed of bikes is a fatal flaw. However, under the guidance of science, the world’s fastest bicycle has been introduced, with a speed of 125 kilometers per hour and neither oil nor electricity.


When bicycles became popular in southern Germany and France in the early 19th century, it became the first tool to promote private transportation. Personal mobility is one of the highest demands of the globalized world. The streets are full of car sports cars and bikes. Because of the relatively slow speed of bikes, people only choose this vehicle during their free time.


However, we can’t deny the importance of bicycles in environmental protection. In order to make bikes more choices, a group of foreign college students successfully produced bicycles with a speed of 125 kilometers per hour. They have made a unique change in the appearance of bicycles. Like a walking eggshell, the pedals and seats are mounted inside the casing, and the rider is in a curved semi-recumbent position, using pedals such as the front and rear to provide driving power.


In order to optimize the current ecological environment and air, they adopt the aerodynamic principle. The streamlined design makes the air resistance 20 times smaller than usual. A liquid crystal screen is installed in the car, and the surrounding road conditions can be monitored at any time. Fast enough speeds to use the world’s best hardware to really increase speed without consuming fuel or power.


This magical Bikes has caused a sensation abroad since its inception. Many people feel that this speed is speeding at a high speed, but the experience does have an unusual feeling that both the speed of green travel and the requirements of people.It’s all a surprise invention


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