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Rear and tail bike light

57 views Published by admin Dec 24,2018

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Bicycle Rear taillights are light-emitting lamps installed at the rear of bicycles. Traditional Rear taillights are used as reflectors. They do not emit light by themselves. Instead, they use optical principles to reflect light as a reminder when the lights are shining at night. Dry battery, lithium battery or button battery as energy source, in the case of power, LED is used as the light source, the main role of emitting more colors of light is the safety warning to achieve the safety of riding.


It consists of small facet mirrors that are at right angles to each other. Because of the reflection of light, light from the car, neon, streetlights, etc., is reflected to the driver, so that the driver can see the cyclist in front, thus avoiding traffic accidents.


Optical principle of bicycle taillights

A prism whose cross section is an isosceles right triangle is called a total reflection prism. The isosceles right triangle ABC represents the cross section of a total reflection prism whose two right angle sides AB and BC represent two mutually perpendicular sides of the prism. If the light hits the AB plane vertically, it will enter the prism in the original direction and hit the AC surface. Since the incident angle (45°) is greater than the critical angle (42°) of the light entering the air from the glass, the light will Total reflection occurs on the AC surface and is emitted from the prism in a direction perpendicular to BC. If the AC is perpendicular to the AC surface and is incident on the prism in the original direction, total reflection will occur on both the AC and BC surfaces, and finally the opposite direction will be emitted from the AC surface in the opposite direction when incident. This principle is used in places, such as bicycle taillights, and this principle is used.

With the development of society, there are more and more vehicles on the road. The weak reflection is not enough to attract the attention of passing vehicles. Therefore, there are some energy sources that use batteries and the illumination of LED lights that emit light as a safety warning. Keep it safer.

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