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Tips for safety riding-Reasonable arrangemen

73 views Published by admin Dec 11,2018

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There are always one or two things that bother you when riding. If you are hungry, you want to eat something, but it is easy to fall with one hand. When you want to drink water, the kettle is far from being difficult to get. When observing the situation behind, I am worried about unforeseen dangers. However, we can see that the race drivers on the field can do this easily. It can’t be said that this is the ability they have when they are born, but the skills of cycling, plus a little talent.


For more than one hour of riding, it is necessary to prepare some blocky foods that can enhance physical strength in the back pocket of the vest. Before the trip, the packaged plastic paper should be torn open, which makes it easier to feed. When you are going to eat, sit upright and hold one hand with the faucet part next to the standpipe, bend your elbows to reduce the vibration, then pull out the food and follow the part that was torn earlier. Let it go and then you can eat it. Of course, for the beautiful scenery around you, the skin cannot be littered after eating.


When riding a kettle, look for a flat, or slightly downhill road (a bumpy road is not a good time to release one hand), do not stop pedaling, and keep looking forward, and Not looking at the hand, a elbow bent slightly, holding the handle. The elbow microbend absorbs the vibration caused by the stone pavement, and at the same time stabilizes any action that affects the direction of the mountain bike when you drink water. The other hand stretches down to take the kettle. At this time, you can’t look down but keep it. Look straight ahead, so keep practicing until you are very skilled.



If you practice these skills a little, you will be very skilled, and you may also have the talent of a professional driver.

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