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What should I pay attention to when Cycling at night

68 views Published by admin Nov 27,2018

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Cycling at night is a favorite of many people. Of course, this is also a favorite of xiaobian. But what should we pay attention to when we ride a bike at night

Relaxing the mindset, many people, Cycling at night have a kind of heart is to quickly go back to where they live, anyway, thinking about going back quickly, in fact, we ride at night to relax in the mentality, and then can not be anxious.

Cycling at nightCycling at night, in addition to your own safety, but also pay attention to do not take a remote road, otherwise there can be no danger.

The road with street lights. As I said above, in fact, it is very difficult to cycling  a bicycle at night if you can’t see the road. Many times, you feel pressure on yourself and cycling in the dark will be dangerous.

Cycling at nightCycling at night, then we don’t want to bring things like headphones, don’t say bad to the ear, at least not consider their own safety.

Driving at low speed, don’t ride too fast at night, even if there are not many people driving, then we have to drive slowly, and we must be optimistic about the road conditions.

Cycling at nightDon’t train, it’s not for me. For many professional cyclists, it’s best not to train at night, so many times there is danger. Cycling is to be happy to ride a bicycle.

Do not bring people on bicycles. It is OK to ride bicycles during the day. Don’t ride the car people in the evening, because it is very dangerous. Of course, you should pay attention to the street lights when you ride. Don’t be let the light shine to the eyes to see people.

Cycling at night

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