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Something we must know about cycling

137 views Published by admin Nov 22,2018

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For those who can’t pay attention to whether they are indoors or outdoors, at night, cycling and training outdoors is definitely a good choice. Of course, the first step is to make sure your bike and you should be visible.


If you are riding in the city along the street lights, it is best to install the headlights and taillights so that you can distinguish them from other pedestrians. If you are riding in a small village with poor lighting conditions, the headlights will be better equipped to see the condition of the road ahead, and make a judgment if there is a dangerous section.


Of course, some people like to use taillights or install lighting on the back of the helmet. Because they can act as advanced brake taillights, as long as they are night rides, don’t let go of any chance to be seen. This is very necessary from a safety perspective.


In addition, clothing with reflective fabric can also increase your visibility. Under normal circumstances, you should also add some reflective stickers in front of the car and the rear of the car, it is best to install one on the pedals. Although some people will follow these old-fashioned regulations, it is important to keep the safety measures in mind, because many insurance companies have found that those who are keen on cycling often throw light-emitting stickers into the trash can, and many self-locking pedals are also on the road. Do similar security measures.


[important tips]   

1, car lights and reflective tips essentials;

2, the distance of the night ride is not too long, it is recommended to copy the road to go home;

3, wear a luminous effect of clothing to increase your visibility

4, Arrange your night training


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