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Ten taboos for cycling safety (3)

374 views Published by admin Oct 24,2018

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Do you know some taboos during cycling? If you break the taboo, you will be dangerous while during.

1. Physical discomfort and strong riding

If you are unwell or mentally uncomfortable, your concentration will not be concentrated. You should plan to move forward or delay your journey in an alternative way to avoid danger.


2. Vehicle breakdown barely riding

If the vehicle fails to make an emergency repair at the moment, it should proceed in other alternative ways, or request road rescue. In particular, components such as brakes or wheels (tires) have abnormal conditions and should not be forced to ride.


3. Riding in the thunderstorm

In case of severe weather factors such as typhoon, heavy rain, lightning strikes, strong winds, etc., the itinerary should be changed or canceled. If you encounter severe weather conditions while riding, you should wait for the wind and rain to slow down and proceed again. You should also avoid riding at noon (12 noon to 2 pm), or riding at temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, and also add moisture at the right time.


4. Riding at night

Compared to the dark night, the lighting of bicycle lights is seriously inadequate and can only be used as an aid to remind other passers-by. It is recommended that riders should start early, increase the noon break, and arrive at the end of today’s journey before the sun sets. In particular, group riding should avoid night riding, so as to avoid safety accidents due to factors such as poor sight and unfamiliar roads.


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