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Ten taboos for cycling safety(2)

386 views Published by admin Oct 13,2018

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Recent years, more and more people like cycling, they get some benefits for it, but meanwhile there are some bad habits. They will lead to some dangerous things for riders.

1. Improper use of the brakes

Please pick up the rear wheel when you are driving, to avoid the car driving too strong and crash. You can change the position of the driver’s handle after changing the personal habits. Before going on the road, you should ask the professional technician to adjust the tightness of the brake line and check the gap between the brake block and the wheel and the degree of wear.


2. Rolling pavement protrusions

The road conditions in Taiwan are well known. When riding, you need to look far away to avoid too fast speed and observe that the road surface is barrier-free or pothole. If you can’t dodge it, it is recommended to pull up the handle and let the front wheel leaping over with the pedal power. Reduce the impact.


3. Wearing headphones while riding

It is difficult to know the outside world when wearing headphones, such as the horn of the rear vehicle or the reminder of teammates. The long length of the headphone cable is also prone to accidents. If you want to listen to music or radio, you can use a device such as a loudspeaker. It is strictly forbidden to wear headphones to listen to music while cycling.


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