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Ten taboos for cycling safety (1)

256 views Published by admin Oct 05,2018

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As more and more people participate in the cycling sport, many newcomers also have such bad habits. The bad habits in these rides have great hidden dangers to the traffic safety of the riders.

1. The wrong way up and down the slope

Some people stand up and pedal when riding an uphill section. But unless it is a particularly steep slope or needs to accelerate the sprint, this position should be avoided. In addition to being more physically demanding, the riding center of gravity increases the handling and the rear wheels are also prone to slip. The correct way should be: when going uphill, sitting forward, lowering the upper body to keep the center of gravity, and stepping on with light teeth. When going downhill, the body’s center of gravity moves backwards, the body is depressed, and the thighs grip the cushion. Pay attention to the control speed, the method of progressive braking should be adopted, and emergency braking is strictly forbidden to ensure safe driving.


2. Improper turning methods

The body will tilt when cornering, and the inner pedal should be kept horizontal or top to avoid touching the ground. It is necessary to slow down before entering the corner. It is very dangerous to brake during the turn.


3. The safety distance is not enough

If you follow the team for group cycling, you should always maintain a safe distance between vehicles. In the long-distance ride, the car will be shielded from the wind for easy cycling. When the road is wide and straight, it is easier for the rider to scatter. It is recommended that the rider be separated by at least one bicycle for safety.


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