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The real reason why cyclists eat banana when cycling

91 views Published by admin Sep 22,2018

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Bananas are easy to carry, easy to use, easy to digest, high in calories, and inexpensive at cycling, all seasons. Therefore, bananas are excellent foods that supplement physical fitness before and after exercise.


The benefits of eating bananas

Cycling is a long-term exercise that relies on water, dielectrics, and blood sugar to stabilize. Too high or too low can cause fatigue. The polysaccharides contained in bananas are slow to decompose, and bananas contain a variety of minerals that can replenish electrolytes that are lost with sweat and prevent cramps.

Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 and are very beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels and maintaining a psychological balance.


In addition, it also contains vitamin A, which promotes growth and enhances resistance to disease. Also rich in potassium, it can improve the brain’s ability to respond, prevent muscle spasms and control high blood pressure.


Who can’t eat bananas?

  • Chinese medicine believes that bananas are cold foods and have a great relationship with people’s physique. If you are a cold-blooded physique, often have a stomachache and abdomen, and you are weak, you are not suitable for eating bananas.


  • acute, chronic nephritis, renal insufficiency is not suitable for eating more bananas. Because of the potassium in the banana, it will increase the burden of kidney excretion.


  • diabetics to eat bananas to limit, do not exceed 100 grams per day.
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