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Why shared bicycle is very hot, but shared electric bicycle is not hot?

96 views Published by admin Sep 05,2018

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There are shared bicycle here and there in China and foreign many countries, but shared electric v bicycle is not so common, what is reason?

shared bicycle

Starting from the financial model, an ofo 200 yuan, riding once a morning, riding once in the afternoon, 2 yuan, 3 months back, if there is a million worship, three days after a day, the income is 2 million, the purchase of the factory The cost can be changed into a revenue sharing model. If he is 55, he is also making money. I heard that the loss of ato 1/3 is still profitable, and the simple financial model is here.Even if Mobye has a 2~3k, their market test is 8 months

Let’s look at sharing electric bicycles. Is a car 2k? Is the parking place fixed? If not, how to charge? If so, how do you go from point A to point B? Baidu map? Anyway, I ride a pile of bicycles all by navigation, but I have a lot of piles. How much does it cost to cover a city? Ok, is your car used to charge? Do you have a battery life when you charge the battery? Is it necessary to maintain to replace? Is there a technical team to maintain? So how much do you use once? Is there an option for less than 1 buck? How long can I ride above 15 dollars? If I have to ride a car for an hour, 15 kilometers per hour, I am good to take a taxi. If I ride a car for 1 km, 5 minutes, why don’t I have a cheaper bike? Ok, the problem is coming, the current market, there are buses, subways, taxis, Didi, shared cars, shared bicycles, walking……………Who is sharing electric bicycles for whom? Are those people who are too tired to ride a bicycle, can’t afford to pay for a taxi, and are troubled by the subway? How many such people are there? I personally feel that the early stage is a super-losing business, and the marginal cost is extremely high.

shared bicycle

If  you, which transport tools is you prefer? Shared bicyle? Or electric bicycle?

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