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Why the Shared bicycles so popular?(1)

208 views Published by admin Sep 04,2018

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As a convenient, low-carbon, and affordable travel tool, shared bicycles have quickly spread across the country.

Shared bicycles

According to incomplete statistics, the daily orders of Mobike and ofo have exceeded 10 million, and the popularity is self-evident.

Shared bicycles

Mobike has only used less than one year, which has achieved a rapid growth of daily orders from 0 to 20 million. The cumulative number of rides has exceeded 600 million times, making it the world’s largest Internet travel service and the domestic number. The two major Internet service platforms are second only to Taobao.


During the day, the shared bicycles are in full swing, appearing in every corner of the city, and there are also cycling enthusiasts at midnight, rushing to the destination in the dark. They are looking for adventures that are both exciting and exciting, but don’t forget safety first while looking for adventure. Here are a few tips for safe riding:


1. Check the condition of the car before riding the bicycle, such as the chain, tires, brakes and bells of the car. Do not ride the car with poor condition.

Shared bicycles

2. To ride a bicycle on a non-motorized vehicle road, try to drive to the right, and be careful not to go retrograde.


3. Decelerate in advance when turning, observe the surrounding traffic conditions, then make a turn, do not suddenly bend.

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