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You will buy finished bicycle or assembled bicycle?

93 views Published by admin Aug 24,2018

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Along with cycling person is more and more, but buy a finished bicycle or buy a assembled one, which is more better? I will analysis it from four points as below details.

1. Price

assembled bicycle is not cheaper than finished one.

If you have a tool wall, know the specifications and compatibility of each part, and have special pipes to get cheap parts, otherwise you will not be cheaper to buy parts. Many of people may will buy a lot of strange Or the wrong thing, such as buy a Sora 9-speed brake match to 105 11-speed transmission, Shimano transmission match with SRAM change handle and so on.


2. Feature

Assembled cycle : Freely determine what level parts do you like. Freely decide where use for the bicycle.

Finished cycle has not above advantage. some color, some feature, size might not all is your favorite.

3. Time

It takes a lot of time to find the parts, and it will be assembled one by one. If the specifications are wrong, or you break the parts by yourself, then you have to buy them again.

But if you buy finished one, you only need take time to buy one in a bicycle store, and the rest you can handed over to the professional technicians of the store, which saves a lot of time overall.


4. Sense of accomplishment

After you finished a bicycle by yourself, you will feel very good, just look like seeing a child who has grown up all the way to finally grow up in adulthood.


You can choose which is your prefer, finished or assembled bicycle.

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