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The five benefits of women Riding

124 views Published by admin Jul 18,2018

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More and more ladies are joined in cycling. Why so many women join the this industry? What advantages of riding to women? I think there are fine points as below:


1. True

Cycling woman is very real, ware helmet, mirror, scarf ect, never need make-up when they ride bike. Now many of the beauties women have been processed, from the skin cut, the high nose to the breast waist, and so on. Cycling women is original.

2. No worry

Cycling woman is stronger in spirit and perseverance than a woman in the ordinary. Ride bike, especially a long distance, usually need to carry a heavy knapsack. You don’t need to worry about them. They won’t spoiled in front of you. a small wound that can be overcome by themselves, and won’t become a burden to others.


3. Preserve value

Riding sports requirement physical quality better than common person. every ten years, women physical condition are different, the body rapidly decline, including appearance and physical fitness. However, cycling women could keep good appearance, even they are forty old, it look like  thirty years old,cause they do more exercise than others.

4. Save money

Generally women love to go shopping, buying fashion and luxury goods, watching movies, drinking coffee. But cycling woman wear outdoor sports clothes for many years, their hair is very easy to treat, generally is horse tail. Every time they come back from outside, they always feels owning to the family, then they cooking instead of go out shopping.So that save money for their family.

5. freedom

Cycling women take more free space to their husband when they go out for outdoor activities.  So that their husband can call friends at any time, drink and play cards. It is good for both of them.

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