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How to avoid accidents while riding?

181 views Published by admin Jun 25,2018

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Bicycles are green and healthy travel and sports. While bringing convenience to travelers, they also have many hidden safety hazards when they are riding on the endless roads and public facilities in the suburbs. What should we do? Can we guarantee our safety to the greatest extent? Keep this key point in mind and enjoy your riding life safely and healthily:choosing suitable headlights and taillights!
1. How to choose suitable headlights?


The angle of the headlights will have a significant impact on the lighting effect and even hit the safety! When the headlights angle is too horizontal, the illumination distance will become very far away, causing the actual lighting area to be too far away from where we are currently located, producing a period of no light, or a weak “blind zone” for the rider. Can’t effectively judge the sudden situation in the area closer to oneself. In addition, if the light is too far away, it will cause the attention to focus on the distance, and the meaning of the fill light is actually not great.

The headlights are tilted too much downwards, which will cause the lighting to “cannot keep up with the speed” and not be able to see the situation in front of the road for the first time. In addition, such a headlight angle may also allow you to bow down and focus on closer lighting, ignoring judgments on the road conditions over longer distances.

The correct adjustment of the headlights should be adjusted to a distance of 6-20 meters in front of the actual speed and light conditions on the road, and the angle should not be less than horizontal.


2. How to choose suitable taillights?

Some riders use bright white and yellow LED lights for front lighting as tail lights. This is extremely dangerous for themselves and others! The extremely bright white and yellow LED lights will seriously interfere with the rear driver’s vision, making it impossible to determine the exact position of the cyclist, which can easily lead to serious traffic accidents!

The correct taillight color is only one: red! As the standard color of the rear lights of vehicles, red can play a clear warning, but it will not affect the normal driving of rear vehicles.

Many taillights have a strobe function, and riders often like to turn it on to attract more attention from the rear. In urban roads with good lighting conditions at night, this may cause some interference with the vision of the rear vehicle, but driving on roads with weak lighting conditions, the attention of the driver after turning on the strobe reminder is Necessary.


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